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  1. Did you use a credit card ? if so report it as a fraudulent transaction, which it is as it falls outside the contractual obligations as it is an invoice, not a fine, only a court can fine
  2. I presume... you failed to post, or did you and they just never received it. Read slowly 5 times....Sank in yet ?
  3. Not your money is it ? Why dont you pay it for them if you are so flush
  4. Write to the council and highways and DEMAND (Never ask or request when dealing with parking penalties) the Traffic Regulation Order that covers this area listed on the ticket. With a bit of luck they wont have one.
  5. Can you post pictures of the ticket they gave you ? If you can not, then I can not help you any further.
  6. Please post up the ticket details Time observed Time issued Offence/ Contravention code
  7. This bloke has two mouths on one face, one that talks populist rubbish and one that does the exact opposite behind closed doors. All lip service and no action.
  8. First things first. you NEVER ask or request anything you DEMAND. Write to the council and DEMAND they provide the full unedited uncropped images taken by the warden as they are evidence required for the appeal. They may just ignore you. Appeal on the basis that the Contravention did not occur as you were not parked at the location shown upon the ticket. It can not be changed. They are dab hands at ignoring appeals, so write down timescales and post recorded delivery on the dot, even if you dont hear back. Informal Appeal, (NOW) Formal Appeal (after notice to owner) Adjudication Appeal ( after rubber stamped failed council appeals) Wrong location is fatal, but only at adjudication, before that, they are God, Judge and Jury and expect them to behave as so.
  9. You have just got the rubber stamp appeal, you have to issue a formal appeal when you get the notice to owner and then apply to parking adjudication. Your appeal, the contravention did not occur. Stopping is restricted in hours displayed by signs ticket is issued for PCN code no stopping, at hours exempted by sign. Expect all appeals to be rubber stamped up to the adjudication. write down timescale dates, if the council fail to respond move straight on to adjudication, failing to answer appeal on time is fatal to the ticket. Do not request anything, DEMAND, the ticket is cancelled.
  10. Edited I can now see dashed lines to the roadside edge on another angle, so get some pictures to show if they have worn away ?
  11. File a claim with e.bay at the earliest possibility, LIKE NOW !
  12. Do you have any recent pictures of this bay. It does not comply to the required bay markings as it has no dashed white line to denote a bay of any kind and the sign is not a permitted variant of loading only, restriction times must be accompanied by a yellow stripe on the kerbside edge of the bay and one of the permitted variant signs used. . The sign must say no loading or goods vehicle loading only, the 20 minutes is not a permitted variant unless they have an exemption TRO this advice is based upon the signs as shown on google.
  13. They are two types of lien, legal and common law. A legal is by way of contract in which the terms and conditions are made out clearly and consideration is given and the contract signed. The second a Common law Lien relies upon a grant been made, such as if you dont pay we wont give it back and the owner of the property offering this grant, effectively placing the property in to trust. Not many courts will hear a common law lien argument where a business is involved as to obtain a contractual one is pretty much common sense. A telephone conversation does not for a contract of unseen or unsigned terms or allow anyone to make them up as they go along. The garage is only entitled to and costs / losses it can account for, account as in making a bill and offering the bill as a taxed option. taxed as meaning the bill is broken down in to the formulae that was used to calculate the charge.
  14. TO OP ! So they now think they can fine you? WRITE BACK. Please take this matter straight to court so I can issue a counter claim for damages due to harassment. firstly you mention that you have "fined" me for not receiving a letter you posted. Issuing fines is outside of your jurisdiction, you are authorised to issue penalty notices only, your attempt to claim you have fined me an action which can only be made a magistrate or judge are duly noted. Issued documents provided are a copy of the V5 registration certificate obtained from the current keeper that clearly shows the date of transfer of current keeper. This limits my liability for any penalty to that date and not beyond. I am not at liberty to point out or prove your failings in this matter, this is your job ! This is my final offer for you to apologise, call off your bailiffs and put right your mal administration, I would also welcome an offer of compensation for the stress and harassment you have caused. If no satisfactory reply is received within 7 days to this matter as I am currently been harassed by your bailiffs I shall make a full compliant to the Government Ombudsman scheme as well as issue proceedings for harassment against DVLA and your bailiffs in the county court.
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