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  1. Hi All Just need confirmation that i do have a success story here. I have just received £5062 from the FSCS regarding ppi on a loan makers / paragon loan i have. The reason behind the question mark is that the FSCS has deducted £2533 from the final payment fee for an eligible rebate / or a sum you have already recieved? I haven't already received anything or as far as i know eligible for a rebate. I phoned FSCS and asked they said ask paragon they were actually helpful and said as the PPI premium had just finished (5 year term) there wasn't any rebate to give? Now this figure is made up of the original premium £5100+ Interest on premium £2730 8% int £105.96 LESS The £2533 Eligible benefit? The actual payment is already more than i was hoping and don't want to rock the boat/ investigate this & let the FSCS realise they have calculated it wrong and revise the figure down. Can anyone shed any light or had a similar situation. Any help always appreciated Regards Ian
  2. Hi Deedee Thanks for your reply When you say the full ppi was repaid do you mean the full premium (5490) + 900 interest? If it was the full premium had you paid the loan in total. How long was the term etc it sounds very similar to mine. Any further help app Pete
  3. Hi Nightowl Thank you for your helpful reply, and yes mis- sold, as i was self employed at the time of the loan so the policy wouldn't have paid out anyway - absolutely incredible really (a) that they sold it and (b) i was too naive/ worried we wouldn't get the money and didn't have the_ to stop it. A coy called credit Agreement are our 'mediators'. I have spent 2 days reading everything on the forum! feels like it as well. It is brilliant, what a wonderful site - helping everyone out. My concerns are we don't know what we will get, as everyone, FSCS etc all say different things and we are hanging on a string in the jaws of an iva.(wife getting really stressed about it all, stressed ill not just worried). If we had as i mentioned earlier an idea, of what we may be due we may be able to hold on for 6 months. Pete
  4. Hi All We are really struggling at the moment (self employed, cashflow) and maybe considering an IVA. This is extremely drastic and would obviously affect our lives for 5 years and well beyond. We do have a fairly 'bomb proof' single premium ppi claim against Loanmakers who went bust, with the FSCS. They have stated it would be 6 months. The problem is if the refund is sufficient we would be able to give ourselves a fighting chance avoiding the IVA. If not then at least we know and can plan for that. We have phoned the FSCS 3 times and had 3 differing accounts of how they calculate the refund each time, our brokers Credit Agreement, give differing accounts depending on who you speak to also. Would anyone help with a 'fairly accurate figure' so we can make an infornmed decision. My wife is starting to get ill over this not knowing what to do, so thanks in advance. Secured loan with Paragon 30,000 over 300 mnths @9.9% (0.793%mnth) PPI premium 5,100 added to loan Monthly payment 307.06 PPI for 5 years total int added to ppi is 8286. Pete
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