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  1. Just an encouragement to people on this thread. I stalled SD/credit corp here in the UK for almost 18 months till things were statute barred. Credit Corp are a bunch of absolute gangsters, and Westpac are incompetent liars. They sold the credit card debt after I had come to a repayment arrangement with them and was happily meeting the arrangement.Westpac are idiots. If they hadn't sold the debt for pennies in the dollar to these gangsters, they would be fully paid up now. Useless the lot of them.
  2. You are so close to the statute of limitations, just grit your teeth and sit it out. I held off credit corp for 18 months till the statute of limitations had passed. If you make any arrangement, or any acknowledgement of the debt, the clock on the 6 years will be reset, and they have another 6 years to go after you. If this agreement was made under Northern Territory law, the statute of limitations (3 years) has already passed, and you can tell them to **** off. If anyone from work approaches you, just say the debt is in dispute, the result of identity theft or something like that. This h
  3. Exclusivly Stevens Drake, I made them work for their money (that they were never going to get). I put it to them that as the debt and the owner of the debt was still in dispute, they were unable to chase after it. I demanded the documents from SD that credit corp had failed to provide me. SD obviously had as hard a time as I in getting the docs, it took them months, and even then they only got some of the docs i had requested. I complained to the OFT they were breaching the code of conduct by persuing a debt in the wrong jurisdiction threatening legal action they were unable to take
  4. Yes it was stevens drake. I told them to put up or shut up. I researched in great detail my rights in Australia and the UK and started to stop panicking. My request for evidence of the original agreement and the deed of transfer was ignored, I just received vast copies of old statements. I refused to deal with any one other than them, to make myself as much of a pain in the arse as possible. I made a complaint to the OFT. I guess eventually they put me in the "waste of time" pile and moved onto someother poor bastard who thought SD actually had some kind of power over them in the UK. Simp
  5. I stalled Credit Corp for over a year on a debt they bought from wespac, now it is statute barred, and I am over the moon. a few points They can not apply for bankruptcy if you are not in Australia The Australian Attorney General's website warns companies thinking of persuing Australian debts (with Australian judgements) in the UK that while it is technically possible, it is extremley expensive, and should only be done with a full understanding of the costs and delays involved. I reported the UK solicitors to the OFT for failing to follow UK guidlines on debt collectors Credit
  6. How did the OP go with this? I was being pursued by credit corp and stevens drake for a while on a similar Australian debt bought from wespac. I told them both to put up or shut up. Eventually I stopped getting letters, and now the debt is is too old to be collected. But it was not a pleasant experience at the time.
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