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  1. Hi, I have a car trader policy which i paid for up front, and now my circumstances have changed and i dont need this anymore, i rang my broker to cancel, and they said No! so basically i have 5 months remaining and my policy was roughly £2000, so i believe i should be repaid roughly half the amount minus any admin fees. But they refused to co-operate any advice will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. your looking at £250 + a criminal record, money wasted which you could of used for spelling and grammar lessons.
  3. you were trying to avoid a fare for a long journey it seems...you best pay the fine or they will write a letter to your parents/guardian saying we caught 'billy nomate' on his own on the trains far away from home please tell him to straighten up.
  4. but i know in fcc area in kings cross has barriers, so how did you get pass?
  5. on the fine ...tell them you Dont have any money currently due to your circumstances and they should let you pay it off in small instalments per week/month.
  6. they lawfully mugged you. You should of argued your circumstances such as the machine not accepting cash payments and you had no debit/credit at that time., im sure you could of banged on about that, or is there some other twist which you haven't disclosed here yet? like you jumping over the barrier as im sure all of Kings Cross has barriers to get to the trains?
  7. You need to fight your corner, once you recieve a letter, reply back defending yourself and apologising and offer to settle out of court, as i take it you dont want to find yourself being summoned etc, you may get away with a fine of £50 but in my scenario i had to pay 5x times as much, and i didnt mind as i didnt want to be labelled a criminal, especially as im a trainee lawyer.
  8. PACE powers and cheap bye laws, statutory instruments etc ...you need to know the basics of law before you send this letter to prosectutors who are going to have a good old laugh reading your errors, like i have just had
  9. trial by jury...im sorry but you will get a bunch of volunteers who sit on a bench of 3, who will almost certainly be grumpy as conservatives/labour have announced plans to cut there dinner expenses which is one of there very few perks they have anyway you can kiss goodbye to trial by jury and say hello to trial by 3 volunteers who will be judge and jury
  10. only question i have is why did u leave it so late to get the matter settled as the offence took place in january when the weather was cold...and now its mild its been months.. please dont argue that you paid, as you could get done with id fraud aswell
  11. moderation....some is flexing their limited power!...anyway i will let these men get on with handing people somewhat useful advice. i will be back when there are any developments in my case.
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