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  1. Hi, I've got copies of all emails right from the start. I've repeatedly asked for refund, one issue is they wouldn't reply to my original complaint, their reply fell well outside 30 days but my original reporting of the fault was well within. They just ignore my requests!
  2. Thank you, they refuse to honour that though, how can I enforce it?
  3. Hi, I'm after some advice. I bought a quad for my 7 year old from Funbikes, however it arrived assembled wrong and a cross threaded bolt snapped, leaving it unrideable. I reported the fault, with pics to them within 30 days, they ignored me for 3 weeks then sent a bolt in an envelope. I'd explained I paid them £50 for assembly, which had been done wrong, and that a bolt was useless as the other one was cross threaded and would need drilling out - which obviously I wasn't starting doing as it's inaccessible and I'd have had to dismantle the bike. Th
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