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    Untaxed Vehicle

    No what I am asking is if the DVLA have give two incorrect places where they claim the photo was taken, then can we challenge it. My comment about the neighbour was who from the DVLA was out on the streets at 2 a.m. in the morning, was it the neighbour? Do the DVLA accept photographs from the general public? The postcode they have given is where the houses all have dropped kerbs and the residents park there, the other which is the GPS co-ordinates is actually outside one of my neighbours who we have the problems with. We have had a lot of grief from one or two of the residents abou
  2. AnnC

    Untaxed Vehicle

    My husband had a problem taxing his vehicle as he couldn't find the log book. He eventually found it and taxed the vehicle but 3 days before he got the tax, apparently his vehicle was photographed at 2 a.m. in the morning and an enforcement letter was eventually sent out which we received after we had taxed the vehicle. The vehicle was on our drive not on the street, the DVLA claimed it was photographed around the corner from our house. This is not possible as all the houses on that strip of road have dropped kerbs and there is no way he could have parked there. We queried the n
  3. We have just received a letter from Prestige Finance and their "Solicitor" BSG Solicitors Ltd telling me that we are being charged £187 for a letter from their solicitor telling us that our loan will finish on 27 September 2017! We have paid this firm back over £47k for a ten year £25k. They are now trying to add admin charges etc onto the end of the load and say that £1,135.47 remains outstanding although we should be on track as we have been paying over £50 extra each month for the last 18 months. Has anyone ever had them try this on with them and do we need to pay th
  4. Thanks for your comments. Will check his contract and then write making some kind of offer of repayment if he has to pay the full amount.
  5. I have checked with my son and they did say debt collection agency not Bailiffs. He was panicking as I think was their intention.He did tried to cancel the insurance and when he rang them to cancel they said that he had to pay the whole year's insurance which was £750 plus the 3 months he had already paid. Over the phone though they agreed to give him time but within 4 days tried to take the whole amount out of his bank account.They are now saying he can't have any time and the debt is being passed on. Can they do this and if so what is the correct way of dealing with them.
  6. My 21 year old son has got himself into a mess with his finances. He has had to leave University in his third year as he couldnt continue to afford to live in Cambridge due to high rent. He had bought a car to try and drive each day to University but unfortunately it fell to pieces and had to be scrapped. He owes money to the University, has had his phone cut off and when the car was scrapped he tried to speak to Admiral Insurance to explain his situation and cancel the insurance. He realised that he would still have to pay the outstanding year's insurance but
  7. No we received nothing just two letters from Parking Eye claiming £85 each.
  8. My husband received two parking tickets from Parking Eye, which against my advice he ignored. He has now received two court judgements with costs of over £300. How can they have gone to Court without sending us a Court Summons. Is he able to appeal as we were never sent the court date.
  9. Thanks for your help. The document calls it a Charge Notice.
  10. Thank you. I would normally have ignored it but have seen many instances now where people have been taken to Court and for 1 minute I don't want to end up there!
  11. It used to be 3 hours and you can see where they have stuck the number 2 over the old time.
  12. The picture shows arrive at 16:57:04 and leaving at 18:58:13. It can take a couple of minutes to pack your car and leave. I will write and object but I am assuming they will refuse the appeal. Can anyone advise what the step is after that.
  13. I have received a parking fine from Highview Parking for parking in Tesco's car park for 2 hours 1 min! The limit is 2 hours. Is this serious. How do I deal with this. Any advice? I believe I left just before the 2 hours expired but they are saying I went over a minute.
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