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  1. right well all evidence had to be in 14 days before the court date and first of all i was low on time so drove to bradford the night before 14 days were up only to find thomas cooks bradford office 2-4 godwin street a now derelict building with post boxes taped up and was quite panicky thinking what am i going to do to make sure they recieve my evidence, in the end i posted it recorded delivery the following day and it was redirected and arrived days late but the courts got theres intime so i didnt think it would be a problem, thomas cooks evidence arrived the day of court an hour before, whic
  2. :lol:would anyone be interested in my small claims court case result against thomas cook..... i won ....:lol:
  3. was paid in cash. well thanks all of you i will fill you in with the final result
  4. hi just a quick follow up to the above post, we have had no joy from thomas cooke and have taken them to small claims court we have a hearing on may 3rd. scared now cos i didnt expect theyd go all the way and although i have tons of photo evidence and emails letters and more from thomas cooke thru out the year im worried about preparing a brief description for court to give as my opening statement, thomas cooke have denied all allegations and stated that we booked with airtours not thomas cooke, and that i am just a beneficiary to the holiday and have taken it upon myself to claim because i di
  5. hi sorry i not been on for a while been very busy, the rep was neither use nor ornament, it stated ice cream was available at the poolside bars, we paid £600 per person cash, the brochure stated they cater for english, there was 3 hotels all which we had use off and yes we couldve used another pool however when you go on holiday you like to be able to sunbath and cool down in a spot thats near to your room so you dont av to take alot with you, this complex has 3 hotels and each has its own pool, ones a chill pool, ones got water slides and wave pool and lots of other water entertainment and m
  6. can anyone please advice us of our next steps regarding holiday to egypt in january, we have been to and fro ing with thomas cooke since we got back and dont feel the offer of compensation is enough, it has been looked at again and they say its adequate, a group of us went to egypt on 6th january, the brochure mentions kids club, caters for all nationalitys and pool side bars, we booked all inclusive and when arriving we found the hotel looked lovely, however the 2 familys from are group were kept awake by scratching noises through the night and after gettin
  7. iv been reading up on perfecthomes as my friends brother has a sofa and tv from there, the sofa has previosly been repaired due to burning from a radiator, i have a leather sofa myself which is pushed against the radiator all the time and my sofa has never burnt, so im wondering if the sofa from perfecthomes is really leather and how would we find out, i purchased the black sofa december 08 and all the seams have turned grey and iv asked numerous times in store for a replacement but to no avail, i have maintenance vouchers for tv and sofa in 2 separate policys and i also have the coverplus is
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