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  1. Thanks all, I will send my SAR to 3 tomorrow. Lowell have emailed to ask what I am planning to do about the debt! I will ignore them Thank you for your help Deb
  2. Hello, Sorry if I sound dim but do I send the SAR via Lowell? What am I complaining about? Three or Lowell's letter? Thank you Deb
  3. Hello, Looking for a bit of advice please as I have received a letter from Lowell saying I owe Three Mobile £397 so I requested a statement as the number they are saying the debt is on is for an old Three mobile account that I had years ago. I should add that I am still with Three and have been for years with a different number on which I have just got a fantastic upgrade package for being such a good customer! Lowell are saying that the number concerned terminated early so £335 is an early termination fee and £61.82 is airtime balance outstanding. I asked for a statement and they have sent me a statement dated 26 June 2012 from Three showing £61.82 only with a message on the bottom of the Three statement saying "We closed your account on 29th May 2012 but the balance is still overdue" The Three statement makes no mention of an early termination fee and Lowell's letter says "After liasing with Three mobile we can confirm an early termination fee of £335.83 was added to the outstanding airtime balance of £61.82 unfortunately this does not appear on the statements (even though there is only one statement) enclosed" I honestly can't remember how I cancelled this contract but surely I would have known if I'd have cancelled it early and would Three really have let me have an upgrade on my current mobile if I owed them money??? How can I be sure I owe this before I pay it? They are threatening Legal proceedings if I don;t pay within 7 days. I have looked on my Credit file and it shows 2 entries for Three. One shows £62 outstanding says started 25/1/06 updated to 29/7/12 and the other says Settled - started 19/7/2011 Updated to 10/3/13 so no mention of £397 anywhere! Would really appreciate some advice. Thank you Deb
  4. Hello, I have been "threatened" by email, txt and recorded message that MMF will "embarrass" me turning up unannounced despite receiving doorstep letter twice and advising I will only communicate in writing. I'm ok with all that but today I made them an offer as I do owe the money after all and the offer is a bit more than my personal budget planner suggests but they have refused it and offered me three different options...a) one off payment with 20% off b) two installments c) four installments. I cannot afford either of these options and they say that they will add further interest and charges to my account if I don't set one of these up. I have sent them another email and upped my offer a little but it really is the most I can afford, I've said that if they go to court they will only get the pro rata amount from my budget planner because I have a few debts I am trying to pay off. Can they really add more charges and interest as they have bought the debt? Many thanks Deb
  5. Phil I know exactly how you feel as I had the recorded message from "Mike" this morning telling me to press 1 to make an appointment otherwise I would have the embarrassment of him turning up at my house unannounced. The thing that gets me is that I have emailed them twice with a proposal as I too owe LS money and I know it has to be paid... After the call from Mike this morning I rang them and said I had emailed and that I would not speak to them only in writing and a really nice lady said she would remove my number and respond to my email, she did but refused my offer and again threatened a doorstep visit and litigation....Don;t let them wear you down Phil but I totally sympathise with you as the threatening messages from Mike have upset my youngest son... Good luck
  6. Haven't been back on the board as I have been in hospital but today I have notice something on my Experian report. On the Cabot debt it shows a green circle which means up to date (it does have a question mark in) and the balance says £0 but then again it goes back to the £674 they are chasing. I've put a picture of it below not too sure how clear it is. I haven't had a chance to do anything yet with their paperwork. What are your views on this on the credit report. Should I send a copy of this to Cabot to ask what it means? Thank you Deb[ATTACH=CONFIG]45590[/ATTACH]
  7. Lol...Crapot, did make me smile but they have said that now they have complied with my request to supply the information (it arrived today, sorry I was probably unclear in my previous post!) that they can enforce the credit agreement and are able to obtain a ccj against me and I don;t want that to happen. I guess I'm in panic mode at the moment..and if I;m honest I am in enough debt with things I know I haven;t paid so don;t want to be paying something I;m sure I already did pay..if that makes sense. So I have the reconstituted true copy of the credit agreement and the signed copy of my credit agreement??? But what I would really like to see is the statement of credits/debits from capital one. They have put in a page entitled "Statement of Account" but it just says Cabot confirms: the outstanding balance is £600. The amount you are reuored to pay to Cabot is £600 You are not able to draw further on this account. Thanks for your help
  8. Thank you, I'll get onto that. Just a couple of questions, Cabot have given me 14days to respond, will that put that on hold if I advise them I have sent a SAR to Cahoot as they say they will escalate it if they haven't heard from me and I really don;t want this to go to court. Many thanks Deb
  9. Hi All, Been a while but I have now been sent a reconstructed signed agreement after rather a lengthy wait (Requested Sept 2012). To be honest I wasn't really disputing the agreement just the fact that I am 99.9% sure we cleared this with a full and final settlement when my father in law died and left us some money but as it was such a long time ago I cannot find any details at all. What I would really like to see is a statement/s from Capital One. Can I still ask for this or should I just ask to set up a repayment plan now I have the signed agreement. I've been ina nd out of hospital recently with operations and really don;t need this. Many thanks in advance for your help. Deb
  10. oops I meant my credit report not credit agreement!
  11. Thank you so much. Have checked credit agreement and it shows as Cabot on there and not Capitalone. Its says started in May 2004 and default date 2009. I think I'll just sit tight and see what happens next. Thanks again all
  12. Thank you but I'm still confused as I have seen conflicting advice on the boards regarding this kind of thing. Squaddie are you saying that I should pay something even though they haven;t produced a cca to prevent it going to court? Sorry it's just that I'm going back into hospital soon and I don't want hubby to have to be dealing with phone calls or letters while I'm in. Thanks Deb
  13. I cant remember now but it must have been at least 4-5 years ago
  14. Hello, Please could someone give me some advice. I requested CCA from Cabot re a debt to Capital One. They have said they have been unable to get the original CCA and that the account with them shall remain on hold whilst they continue to request the information. They then go onto say that I am still obliged to repay the outstanding balance and should contact them to set up a repayment arrangement. What should my next action be please, would really appreciate advice. Many thanks Deb
  15. Clarity have also been hounding me too although the latest letter has said "Time is running out so their client will accept any offer, however small, to settle the balance....thought about offering £1.
  16. Thank you both I will get my cc letter off at the weekend. Hope you have a good evening Deb
  17. Many thanks for your replies guys, much appreciated.... Iam sure the amount they have said is the amount I owe as I occasionally get statements sent from Santander (they took over Cahoot) also in the letters they say Santander are their client so it appears that they are acting on their behalf and they say "our client has advised they will consider any offer, no matter how small" Because I want to get rid of this I was wondering should I just offer £200-£300 as they do say any amount, no matter how small The debt was a flexible loan with Cahoot many years ago but I did make payments off the balance to moorcroft up until about a year ago so I have acknowledged the debt! I also don;t think I paid PPI on this but should I write to Santander anyway and if I do should I ask Clarity to allow me time to do this? Cabot wasn't involved, that was an error by me...sorry If I do write offering a figure for settlement please could you help me word it so I am not dropping myself into hot water. Really appreciate your time and help Deb
  18. Many thanks, yes I do owe the money and this debt was originally being chased by Cabot but I have just not been able to make repayments. Prior to that I was paying it off via a payment plan with moorcroft but after several hospital stays fell really behind and got snowed under with all my bills. I think I did have a letter telling me Clarity would now be taking over the debt but I'm unsure. It's not statute barred, It is showing as a default but basically I do owe them the money and would like to pay it off but am worried as to what will happen if I do make an offer and what should my lowest offer be. I can;t afford much as am really struggling but if I make them a low offer I am dubious as to whether they will say no and now that you have admitted it you must pay the lot and we're taking you to court! Many thanks Deb
  19. Hi I am a little uneasy as I have a letter from Clarity arrived today regarding a £1500 debt to Cahoot in which it states "As time is running out our client has advised us that they will consider any offer, however small, to settle the balance" I can't help but feel that this is a letter designed to catch me out and what will happen if I offer £50... .it does say "however small". Has anyone experienced this type of letter? Thank you Deb
  20. Thank you both. I cannot remember how long ago it was and yes it is a catalogue debt. I can not be sure that it is 6 years ago. Ill try to get on experian later on to check my credit account. The first letter from Lowell just turned up out of the blue, I hadn't heard anything from JD for years. I have 2 catalogues with the JD Williams group running at the moment and I've had these a couple of years. If JD only sold the debt to Lowell in December last year I really don;t think JD would have allowed me to have a catalogue account with them again. Is it worth me sending a CCA anyway or should I just swallow it, pay up and kick myself for not keeping any payment details etc? Thanks again Deb
  21. Hello, Last year I received a letter from Lowell saying I owed a debt to JD Williams and I sent a "prove it letter" which they acknowledged and then I didn't hear anything for a couple of months. Now I have received a letter saying the debt was sold to them on 20/12/12 which I am sure is a while after their original letter to me, I have unfortunately put the original letter away safely and now can;t find it! Nevertheless this letter saying they bought the debt from JD Williams on 20/12/12 also says that before selling the debt, JD Williams checked their records and can find no reason why it should remain unpaid and they have also included a letter on JD Williams headed paper informing me that JD Williams sold my account to Lowell and advises me of the balance. Is this letter from JD Williams enough proof? I have also received a few emails from Lowell stating " We are not aware of any reason why your debt should remain unpaid. It is therefore very important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can agree repayment. If you cannot afford to pay back the money in one go we are willing to let you pay this monthly by direct debit. You could be entitled to re-pay as little as £1 per day should your circumstances warrant it. If you cannot afford £1 per day then please let us know what you can afford. Please call an account manager today so that we can bring this matter to a close or follow this link and securely set up a direct debit." Please could anyone advise whether I should pay this or take it further as I am 99% sure I cleared this debt several years ago and have even opened a new account with JD Williams since. Unfortunately as it was such a long time ago I cannot find any of those details. I had a similar experience with Lowell a few years ago when they said they were chasing me for T Mobile debt which I knew wasn't owed so I persevered and eventually they backed down as they could not provide me with any details/proof. Many thanks for any help that anyone can give me Thanks Deb
  22. Thank you and I am already thinking about sending something to the OFT as I am adamant I never entered any details on their site. Thank you for your advise and I'll keep you all posted
  23. Thank you, I have spoken with someone this morning and have just completed the refund form but judging by things I've read I had better not hold my breath! Hopefully I will be able to feedback something positive...ever the optimist!
  24. Apparently so but I have not signed up with them nor applied on their site. The email that I found in spam is dated September and I haven't been near anything like this since starting my DMP about 6 months ago because I know I;m not allowed to! I have asked them to cancel the account I apparently have with them and refund my money but all the things I've have found on the internet suggests I better not hold my breath so upset.
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