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  1. No thanks, your company should have dealt with the ombudsman, not need me to chase them. I've only posted as this thread popped up on a Google search, hopefully someone might avoid buying from such a dreadful company by reading this. Small claims and cancellation time for us.
  2. In my case ombudsman, has said Vodafone owes me £130, an apology and assistance with the issues we are suffering. ....the result.... Nothing, ignored the ombudsman, no apology, no £130 and no assistance. We have 5 Apple devices on high business contracts and will be leaving Vodafone as soon as is financially viable. In my opinion Vodafone is an underhand company happy to take from their customers with no regard for if their action are fair or even legal.
  3. Plot thickens as they have no first name on the letters but the original form has a first name printed instead of a signature filled in by the agent. Who in turn used the private patient records to introduce herself!!!! I'll scan the letters....
  4. Okay.... Why their payment page??? This was unsolicited and they have just sent debt collecting letters and referred it to CCS Collect
  5. I have all the documents, the company was Tempest. Post back when I'm not poking a phone to post!
  6. That's pretty much where we were at, glad it looks like the right thing to do.
  7. I have a friend who has just had a baby, she's 17 and had to have an emergency Caesarian section, next day drugged up and with a premature baby she was approached in the special care section and asked if she wanted some photos. First 'proof' was free and buy any extras, there was no paperwork, but they had her address. A heap of photos have arrived with a bill for about £100. Apart from being stunned that the hospital allow these ambulance chasers in a secure ward (a letter is to be sent to my MP about that) As there was no paperwork and she was only 17, I'm guessing its a
  8. I've had Transcom asking for a 10 year old phone debt on a handset they sold was faulty and they refused to replace it within the 12 months. They are just another SB chasing pond dweller... As for banks etc, yes they have had the 'golden years', it's funny that I've got about £600 of enforceable debt that I have been paying off but at the same time our household coughed up £40,000 when we bailed the banks out from the tax man.....but my council are too poor to fill in the pothole outside, been told that's in 2016! I went to ALL my creditors when things went wrong and everyone apart
  9. Yes makes sense, I've sent the usual CCA request with the £1 postal order and marked it as no debt acknowledged etc, plus asked for statement of account. That should keep them busy and the statement will show if it's SB'd (or VERY close), I've not made any secret on here that after illness and financial reversal, I offered all my creditors payments only First Direct accepted and they have been pretty good throughout. The rest did a bolt'n'run and sold to DCA's etc and I know both these amounts are WAYYYY high and from loans for much less arranged over the phone, so I very much doubt
  10. I've got a copy of my experian and Noodle reports and they both agree on the default date. I'm sure there are a heap of hoops to keep them busy and like Crapquest I doubt they will have the correct paperwork. Ho-hum looks like I'm sending a CCA request over the weekend.
  11. Hmm, it's on my credit file (with the default date) but not to Lowell, I've only been dealing with these when they have made noises that concern me (for Crapquest is was a statutory notice) then I have made a CCA request. I've not made a CCA request, only replying to the last letter as it was a "A-ha! we found you hiding" and I was not. I'm concerned that they might start legal action as it's so close to SB. I've not sent the second letter, do you think I should send a CCA request to them and if so Lowell or Fredrickson as they are both bottom feeding DCA's?
  12. It's getting close to the SB clock on a number of alleged debts, I've sent 'prove it' letter with no reply they just transfer the 'debt' on and I get a new DCA to play with. I'm well used to the threat'o'grams but I have 2 large amounts (both over 10k) going SB in October and November, both are 'owned' by Lowell. Recently I've had a 'we found you' letter from Fredrickson, I sent a "Well done I was never hiding/prove it" letter, but before this has got there (recorded) I've had another letter, again 'considering' legal action. I'm going to post the 'prove it' letter again but w
  13. They do scecify an amount, it's SB'd from an original mobile phone (O2 breached contract so I formally cancelled in writtting, they tried to sting for rest of contract) The debt is 'client' is Lowell-O2 (UK) Ltd, looks like they purchased a load of duff debt and are trying it on. I've posted a letter back slightly revised, as it's SB'd and not on my CR I can pretty much ignor them, but I want to keep an eye for illegal activity on my CR as it getting better. Having a recorded delivery document trail will make that easier to deal with (IMHO) Cheers for the replies
  14. Have a read of my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?353972-Debt-Managment-Ltd-sending-txt-to-my-phone&p=3869681&viewfull=1#post3869681 Sounds like I'm a little further along their conveyor belt of Xmas cracker P.O box "Solicitors" Just sent them a merge of about 4 letters, should keep them busy!
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