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  1. I am about to start small claims action against Halifax but all my correspondance has been via a box number so do I have to send summons against my own branch? I also have a claim for £2400 so should I submit 4 seperate claims? i would be grateful for any advice.
  2. hi manolo,just started reading your thread,I too am from Aberdeen and have had a small claim before - had Mc Lennan - what a pompous prat - the secret is to appear grateful for their time which feeds their oversized ego's.I will be issuing small claims action against halifax in next couple of days too.
  3. got letter today with financial ombudsman details and letter detailing "goodwill gesture" - nearly shed tear.
  4. sent prelim letter on 11th july - halifax phoned with offer on 24th - refused offer - they increased offer -I refused again - sent next letter on 25th.Phone call also enquired as to whether I agreed with bank charges in general - I said no comment.
  5. posted prelim letter to halifax on 11th july and phoned today with initial offer of £430 then after refusal another and FINAL OFFER of £840 - sendind next letter tom
  6. halifax phoned with offer after 13 days of receipt of prelim letter - refused this and improved offer and sending next letter.they also asked me to comment on validity of banking charges - I refused
  7. had same trouble with clydesdale.phoned at begining of june asking for list of charges then received letter asking for£10 to cover freedom of info which I sent then received letter on 22nd june saying they have 40 days to act within terms of act - dragging heels.
  8. hi,thanks for advice - I tried to post a thread at first but when I posted it the message disappeared so I will try again.
  9. hello,I initially telephoned halifax and clydesdale banks asking for list of charges made to my account over last 6 years.halifax sent me 6 years of statements for a cost of £5 - poor postie!I then sent prelim letter asking for a refund on 23rd june and received a letter back on 6th july saying no way.Clydesdale asked for a letter of request for charges which I duly sent then a further letter asking for £10 to cover freedom of information costs which I also duly complied with,then I received a further letter stating that they will send out a list of charges within 40 days. Does ayone have an
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