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  1. Requested a water meter, the property is a house converted to flats. Have since retrospectively found out a communal tap comes from my water supply, and as such I could not control its use. I'm therefore wondering if I should try cancel the request. Main reason for requesting is the hope they refuse and I can be put on an assessed measured charge. But if I end up with one fitted I'd rather avoid the onerous task of telling neighbours not to use it or coming to some agreement for paying for its use. Even if overall I'd probably still save money. My supply is on the right. Many thanks.
  2. So far as I am aware LL does not live in the UK, but do not have contact details in any case. Besides, rent is not much above local housing allowance set by the Council so not like there's a financial issue. So I guess money overrules not leaving people homeless because they don't have anyone to be a guarantor. And you all wonder why there are "types of people" who prefer to live their lives on benefits, pfft. Makes me wonder if it was really worth all the effort of trying to do better than my underclass background and making some effort by going to University after leaving school with no
  3. Currently have an AST due for renewal. Have paid £70 for the letting agent's "contract fees" for 12 months renewal. However, since this me and my partner, whose father was guarantor, have split up. She has moved back with her parents and is looking for her own place, and we have mutually agreed that I can continue living in the property. The contract has not yet been signed and needs to be done soon. The main problem is I have no family who could act as a guarantor, and the letting agents insists on one. My ex partner's Dad has said he would be a guarantor on a 6 monthly basis. It's a nic
  4. Did you pay any upfront fee? Sorry I don't have much knowledge here, but my train of thought is if they took the money while knowing they would reject the application, then there *might* be some means to reclaim this via small claims track. So far as discrimination, the relevant legislation would be the Equality Act. Page 31 onwards starting with below text may be of interest http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/uploaded_files/EqualityAct/service_providers_business.pdf Note that pregnancy is a "protected characteristic" under the meaning of the Equality Act. http://www.equality
  5. I know this is an old thread now, but thought I might provide an update on employment in my life, as someone with Aspergers. It seems my last contribution to this thread almost became an epic novel, and wasn't well written. I'll keep this short. I applied for a job at another Civil Service department, and passed a written test. As I expected, I failed at interview. The main reasons they gave were similar to those I have heard before, teamwork etc. After the rejection I emailed their diversity officer asking if I could get some work experience. I was given 6 weeks unpaid (travel expenses)
  6. Stabiliser links, glow plugs, changing and flushing oil and filter, and replacing exhaust - are all normal wear and tear, or things you expect to change on a car through normal servicing. Particularly on a 12 year old one. It's the same with tyres, they wear out because they roll against the road. IMO your only possible complaint is that there is excessive rust, and the windscreen seal was not seated. It is also normal for MOT testers to refuse to test a diesel for emissions if it is unclear when the cam belt has been changed, or inform the owner it is at their risk. Again, having th
  7. Have not received any response or acknowledgement from ZF. As far as I can tell from a bit more digging, Euro Car Part's part numbers changed from being KME springs, to being Sachs. This suggests that KME springs suddenly became re-branded as Sachs, and at best all I have is a newer one and an old stock one. AFAIK Sachs do not make springs themselves. This suggests the branding is merely used to increase the perceived value of the product. I think Sachs focus more on shock absorbers and clutches.
  8. I fear this may actually be a common [problem]. Almost bartering after the sale has been completed. Unless there were any proof provided (I suspect not), I suspect the car was actually in perfect working order.
  9. Yes it is the case. If you go onto the comparison sites, you can compare the prices yourself by going back and changing the details. It could be a whole lot worse if they chose to refuse you insurance - something you would have to declare to all insurers in future, and your insurance would sky rocket even more.
  10. @Bang! - Yes you're correct, and of course the Fabia isn't a great handling car as standard, even in the VRS or 2 litre guise. However, for whatever reasons I chose to spend a little extra, £7.20 per spring, on better branded ones. If I got ones which would otherwise have cost £7.20 less, then I want my £14.40 back. @Conniff - thanks for rooting out those UK contact details, I only found the German ones. Have sent an email to all 3 email addresses now. If no contact soon will give them a ring.
  11. Just purchased 2 rear Sachs coil springs - at least that's what I ordered, from a well known on-line retailer. They are rear coil springs for a 2002 Skoda Fabia Hatchback 1.4 8v (engine code AQW). The Sachs part number I gleaned from their catalogue is 996 657 (OE equivalent part number 6Q0 511 115 K). One came in a Sachs box, the other in a KME box. KME, as far as I can tell, are not affiliated with Sachs, Boge, or the parent company ZF. I queried the different box at the time, but the sales man just said it was the same spring in a different box. If what I have is a Sachs sp
  12. As stated in first post. Employer considers adding images from previous sessions to a CD a customer purchased to be theft. No previous disciplinary action, although the one to which the CD issue relates they made a nice long list of things they thought she had done wrong - but the CD was the thing that resulted in the decision. As you say I think they had it in for her anyway. Thanks for your other points. Will discuss writing an appeal with her. I doubt they'd offer her her job back anyway. Appealing to a company which has made its decision seems a bit pointless, but if it will help
  13. Hello everyone, I am asking on behalf of my partner, who was instantly dismissed for gross misconduct following a disciplinary hearing. She worked for a large company taking portraits in a studio for customers. The issues are quite wide ranging, so I will try and stick to the most pertinent for sake of brevity. She was never given an employee handbook or copy of contract. She worked for the company just over 2 years. The gross misconduct consisted of putting images the customer had purchased from previous portrait sessions onto a CD, as well as the most recent. for a customer purcha
  14. Took no further than sending the questionnaire, and receiving their response. I admit I have not fully read all the information they provided (just quickly skimmed), as I feel bad enough about my existence, that to read negative information about myself that I have no control over will only serve to make me feel more depressed or worse potentially suicidal. One issue that put me off taking any further action was that it would have involved travelling to the nearest location to the employer to bring the issue to an employment tribunal. Chances are, even if it was easy travelling distance,
  15. And herein lies where the discrimination is. There are adjustments that can be made if you think out of the box, such as contact via email - which in fact people at most workplaces do anyway. Even just a little consideration could go a long way and is a reasonable adjustment. There are numerous published books on the types of adjustments that can be made under such circumstances. Plus it is only the employer's opinion such skills are important. These skills are included as default requirements for almost every single job ever advertised. Plus I feel there is also the issue of a range of a
  16. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to do something which would otherwise get you sacked - but bring mucho satisfaction
  17. Most cases of disability discrimination involve someone applying for a job without revealing their disability. On being offered a job, they then divulge their disability. Subsequently the job offer is revoked. I was wondering at what point does disability discrimination happen? Take for example the following scenario. Someone applies for a job divulging their disability on application. Post-interview feedback gives reasons for rejection clearly related to their disability. E.g. lack of evidence of team-work skills, when that persons disability means team-work is particularly difficu
  18. Well one option could be grievance letter + off work sick with depression + max out sick pay + wait till they lay you off for being off sick.
  19. Don't do it, 2 people into law, the divorce would be terrible
  20. They obviously have no medical knowledge whatsoever. Having been in the same situation, I went numerous times to different doctors who gave various diagnoses until I saw an emergency doctor who recognised the symptoms and sent me to the A&E department. It used to come as an intense pain, and then eventually subsided, presumably once the gallstone had passed through. Unless they are medically qualified they should shut their mouths (to put it politely).
  21. There was no management/managing staff involved in the role whatsoever. I would never apply for a management role as I know it's not something I am capable of. The job was primarily providing a consultancy service to other Government departments, so would have involved dealing with customers etc and interacting with people who are quite high up the pecking order within civil service - and this is the only reason I can see they consider the position as "senior". Presumably there would have been some level of interacting with other employees who may be, for example, working on the same project.
  22. Having thought in depth about the issues and considered some of the points above, I think the case hinges on one issue. The issue is whether the employer can "objectively justify" the requirement that the employee must be good at team-work and customer appreciation skills. My focus would therefore need to be on proving that it can not be objectively justified.
  23. Under the Equality Act your employer *must* make reasonable adjustments. The fact the position is not paid has no bearing on it. It sounds very much to me like he just wants the free labour from the jobcentre and doesn't care very much for your disability. Wouldn't be surprised if there were some sort of promise of a possible job to try and get you to work harder, only for the offer to disappear - and chances are the employer never intended to offer a job anyway. See it all too often. In ordinary circumstances, I understand you are entitled to time off paid until such a time as reasonable
  24. I would also say the video evidence is critical. It would be reasonable to request a copy under the circumstances? I suspect when it comes to ET the video will mysteriously have been taped over because they reuse the same videos.
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