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  1. Well its been a while since I have needed any help as I thought I had sorted everything as I have a crystal Credit file (at Last and thanks to the info on this site!!). Now I have just checked my better half Credit file and it has a CCJ registered in her maiden name back in feb 2014 for an amount we both know nothing about! We moved house in 2013, and I had to sort all our Credit files out ensure we could get a mortgage! So I CCA'd etc and checked credit files back in feb 2012 and no paperwork was produced within the time limits letters where sent back stating
  2. oh and CitizenB! I have a feeling I will be back soon...
  3. No problem! Better get some printer ink then...as I know they don't have the correct paperwork if they do start a claim all over again! I can show that I have never missed payments on the Yearly Statements from LSTB Concessionary Arrangement since 2007. Thanks Andy!
  4. But the Judgement was Set Aside by the courts? So does that mean the original judgement still stands?
  5. Hi, Its been a while since I have needed some advice thank goodness! Right cut to the chase... In 2007 a CCJ was entered by Neslon Guest on behalf of LTSB which I managed to get instalments of £50.00 PM. They then went for a charging order on my property at the time, I went to court and it was discharged as no paperwork, lies etc.. In Feb 2010 it was then Set Aside. Removed from registry trust etc. So I lowered my payments to them to £1.00 PM as a gesture of goodwill and to stop further enforcement. I have now received a letter from Wescots with no Claim Number and (fo
  6. Right I am looking down the barrel of the big guns it would seem! Just putting a CPR18.1 request to link again to clarify some of the statement entries (transferred to MTA)and to see if they're is a DN (which i know full well they don't as they keep looking in on this thread). Also as I have not had any statements from assignment of the balance to them then as I understand it there in breech of S82A of the CCA? or am I just blowing smoke up there....any help greatly recieved as I know this has gone on long enough now..If all else fails I have sold my car so could get some cash together and set
  7. Hi, recieved some stuff today and they have changed there POC's completely. They have changed it to look more like a defence than POC's. Still no mention of the missing DN. There are dates that don't appear on my statements from santander, for draw downs of 0.75p etc? No mention of the 2004 4 months missed payments where the DN would have been issued orginally?am I right in still thinking according to OFT and the CCA 1974 that a DN must be issued prior to any further action bieng taken upon an account regulated under an agreement? As Link have admitted it is regulated under an Agreement then
  8. The wheel rolls on...they have failed to submit an allocation questionaire and fees, but the DJ has ordered them to do so in 14 more days, along with a stay to get the full POC's/statement of case together...what a laugh...again sorry to drag this back up but just thought I would see what your thoughts are...
  9. Again back up this one goes... I received this from the court today after sending a letter asking what was happening and trying to get more info from the claimant, as they have failed to respond to my Part 18 request....so this letter is all I have no mention of a re-submission of the POC's..now I am at a complete loss as to where to turn next so any guidance would be welcomed...as I have now 12 days left to write a defence to the WS it would seem???? Cardiff Letter recieved today 09-11-11.pdf
  10. Surely the DJ will be thinking "why didn't you do that the first time round?" get ready for the Fake DN, and other hashed paperwork...
  11. Sorry to drag this back up..rung Cardiff CC and they have told me the DJ has ordered LF to re-do the particulars of the claim as they are too vague, before the case continues. Which would then enable me to do a defence 14 days from that....plot thickens... does this mean they start the claim again?
  12. Hi all, I rung Cardiff CC today and they have said its in with the DJ to see what the claim is all about or whether it will continue, I asked again about the time for filing a defence and she said once it has come back from there DJ with an order, then I will receive a letter in due course? does this sound right...as I am really sweating about the cut off time!!! Also I noticed on my order that its 14 days once the DN and assignment have been disclosed, "The defendant shall file and serve a defence within 14 days of receipt of said documents" but they havent got a DN so how can I comply
  13. Yes I think thats what the order said, but now I am uncertain on which direction to take i.e what to write in the defence so I guess I will need help here to..sorry to be a pain..I thought everything was going the right way...obviously its going to be a lot harder than first thought. I still am at a loss of how they can even think they have complied with the order...any help would be great! Oh and whats a CMC (Case Management..??)
  14. ok had this through today...any idea what this means?? as now I am proper confused! Getting worried now as I still haven't filed my defence yet!!! As I have been waiting for this outcome...or what ever it means! Your help is definatly needed chaps! CC letter 1&2.pdf
  15. Right here it is...I .pdf'ed it....hope this helps as it says 14 days from there disclosure..but at the court there saying different..ie once there WS is returned from DJ?? Order doc 20-9-11.pdf
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