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  1. Hi mate, I've had problems with Iqor in the past, Ignore the letter they won't send anyone to your door.
  2. Hi guys, an update, managed to use the comet credit I had of £700, was a nightmare but I got it used just the day before they stopped taking vouchers. Thanks for the advise here to use them asap. I hope people have used there vouchers and are not stuck with them.
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if someone can give me some advise, about 3 years ago I was informed that I was overpayed Housing Benefit due to changes in circumstances, The total overpayment was over £2,000 for different time periods and they asked for the money back. We agreed to this as it was correct and we initially made a one lump payment of £500 and then we were paying £40 per month but we had to decrease this to £20 a few months ago because we could no afford to pay it due to bills etc. Today i received a letter from the Council stating that matter has been passed from collections team to legal services debt enforcement in order to recover the amount. it states: "if payment or reasonable proposals for payment is not received by 19 Nov then I will have no alternative but to register this debt with Leics County court" it goes to say about CCJ and enforcement proceedings. I looking for advise on how to approach this, I am not refusing the pay the money but just can't pay a higher rate at the moment. any advise would be great.
  4. Hey guys, Just heard the news, I've got credit with them worth £700 for my replacement tv, There insurance line is down, is that my money gone then? any advise?
  5. Hi, thanks for the quick replies, I've looked at the Gov.UK site where it states the following: Eligibility To qualify for Income Support you must: be between 16 and State Pension age be a lone parent or carer or, in some cases, unable to work because you’re sick or disabled be on a low income work less than 16 hours a week (and your partner works no more than 24 hours a week) live in England, Scotland and Wales - there are different rules for Northern Ireland When you won’t qualify Usually, you won’t qualify if you: have savings above £16,000 need permission to enter the UK get Jobseeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance are a young person being looked after by a local authority I thought i may be able to claim it because I am unable to work due to sick/disability, and I'm on a low income (just the DLA) and I do not have savings over £16,000 Is this right or I'm i overlooking/missing something? sorry to be a pain but I really appreciate the help
  6. Hi Some of you may know that I recently failed an ESA Tribunal last week, I was advised by members here to re-apply for ESA and I've got a fit note from my doctor to back up my claim, but I was reading online today about Income Support and I wanted to ask if it's better to apply for this instead. My situation is that I am currently receiving DLA - Lower rate care and Higher rate mobility, I am married and my partner does not work as she cares for me during the day, We were on ESA as a joint couple until we lost the tribunal last week, The DWP haven't yet written to us advising the ESA has stopped but once it does then our only income will be from the DLA which is only about £75 per week. I am wondering if we should make a claim for income support instead of ESA because of our low income, can anyone give me some advise? Would there still be medicals/interviews like ESA's atos medicals etc? How does IS differ from ESA? I'm really confused right now as to what to do, any advise would be great
  7. Thanks for the advise, We'll go to the GP tomorrow for the fit note and request the form to reapply.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply, I was really surprised by the decision, My father can walk about 30 - 40 metres, then he needs to sit down for a while before he can continue, His pain is constant throughout the day, he can't stay seated also for more than 20 - 30 minutes without having to standup/lay down. He explained this to the tribunal who then asked - if he could sit down for 20 minutes in front of a table and slowly do some packing (his previous job), He explained that he would be able to sit for 20-30 mins while having pain then would need to walk slowly or lay down then and when rested he can sit again. They weren't interested they just repeated the question and that was as far as they asked about his ability to work.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, Can I reapply today or do I have to wait for the DWP to send me a letter stating my benefits stopped before I can reapply? Thanks again, really appreciate it.
  10. Also I wanted to say that at the Tribunal they did not even go through the descriptors, they talked with him generally about his work history etc. It lasted about 20 minutes and I really thought they weren't asking because they've already looked at it and over ruled the DWP but in the end they refused the appeal. really shaken up and any advise would be great.
  11. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on what to do after losing an esa tribunal, The tribunal was for my father and I've given a history of whats happened so far below, My father's had back problems for many years now and it's been really bad recently. He started claiming ESA roughly 2 years ago and had a ATOS medical which in which he scored 9 points (2 years ago), We appealed that decision and our GP advised us to apply for DLA. The DLA claim was accepted after evidence sent in by Doctor and the previous ATOS medical, he receives Higher rate mobility and Lower rate care component. While waiting for a tribunal date at around Jan 2011, we received a letter stating the appeal has been succesful and he was backdated his payment (without going to the tribunal). Then he had another ATOS medical in July 2011 in which they awarded him 0 points. We appealed that again and we went to the tribunal yesterday (over a year after original decision) and they agreed with the original ATOS decision. We are devasted as we do not know what to do now, My fathers condition was really bad then and it's only got worse. He's got spinal stenosis and is currently of Oramorph, He's had facet injections in his back which did not help and the doctors said the only other option is surgery but they do not recommend this as it's risky. I wanted to ask what would be the next step? Is it a case of starting a fresh ESA claim and sending in fit notes? Also would this tribunals decision affect his DLA as he is still receiving this? Any advise would be great.
  12. Hey guys, Just an update, Well after contacting trading standards on the warranty issue, I called up the warranty department again and they told me they are giving me the full £700.00 to spend on a new tv, I am really happy about this but just frustrated it took them so long, Thanks for all the help and support from everyone here, I really appreciate it, and to anyone else having a similar problem, I recommend contacting Mr Darke first via email and then if that doesn't work then contact trading standards and hopefully that should help. Thanks again
  13. Thanks for the reply mate, Yeah I don't know where to go from here, the £530.00 replacement they offered me was better than my previous tv but I just think i've been cheated by the extended warranty, they said if they can't replace it with a same spec model then they would give gift vouchers/card of the price I paid for the original product (£700), That extra £170 will get me a better tv The terms and conditions don't mention anything about depreciation, it just says: "If you choose not to accept this replacement, we may offer an alternative of the same current value, or Comet vouchers to the value of the advised replacement. Should a replacement model not be available you will be given Comet vouchers up to the purchase price of the insured product. This is at our sole discretion.The value will always be limited to the original purchase price." There isn't any tv on there site that has 2 scart inputs, however I don't think means no other tv will have it, maybe Comet just don't have any but other stores might, i'll check up on this. But it seems like Comet themselves choose what they class as "Specification", they only consider screen size, hdmi ports and full hd as specification. Anyway, thanks for the advise, bit lost as to what to do next, hope rebel can advise further.
  14. Hi guys, Well i've received a reply from Bob Darke's assistant or someone, They've said the following: Thank you for your further e-mail I am responding on behalf of Bob Darke as this falls within my area of responsibility. We would not go by the number of scart inputs or vga inputs when choosing a replacement for you as these are dying technologies and will soon be extinct. We base the replacement on screen size, number of hdmi connections and other features like full hd/3d/smart. It does state in the terms and conditions that if a customer is not happy with the replacement then we would offer the value of the replacement for them to choose their own. Gift cards are a very last resort option and would still only be to the value of the replacement found as the tv that was chosen would of been to spec based on the criteria we use. I understand this may not be the response you were looking for however i trust this clarified comets position on the matter. I am sorry for any inconvenience or frustration caused. If you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact me using the Ask a Question facility on the website http://comet.custhelp.com/app/ask or by telephone on 08712 009 009. I've already explained that I chose the TV on scart etc in the first email, Do you think they would budge or is that it now? Thanks
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