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  1. I have, at first they were saying civil matter, but now taking it seriously as have independant witness ..... got to make a statement later today. Find out where I stand with solicitor also. They can keep the car, but I will NOT let a forgery of my signature drop!! These people need to learn they do not have the right to do as they please ..... reported to oft, and financial ombudsman too, oft been really helpful
  2. Thanks, I have sorted it out now, well I have got the copy from courts, and it was a forgery of signature!! scumbags!
  3. Thanks, just everything akes so long and im guessing they will sell my car soonest ...... just wondered if anyone else in same situation. Obviously its a bit more complicated than detailed, but do not want to post too much .....
  4. Hi can anyone help me pls as I am in a similar situation ...... On signing finance agreement and bill of sale, to be specific during photocopying process I was given original bill of sale as well as the copy etc etc. I only knew this when they started frantically phoning and texting saying it was an important doc and I must send it back ....... Anyhow regardless of them not having a bill of sale I continued my repayments. Long story but mobile money unlawfully took my car last week, I had no warning what so ever, they lifted it from private property at 2am. I wasnt aware we were at this stage
  5. Hi all, Wondering if anybody can help me. How many original signed copies of bill of sale do mobile money use? Is it one which is then photocopied, or two, one for customer one for them? I wld be really grateful if anyone cld help as this is really really important ..... Thanks
  6. Thanks hun, they were very helpful, however it is a civil matter ......
  7. Hi guys, im a technophobe ..... started a new thread now, its entitled mobile money log book loans help pls ..... all the details are there thanks
  8. Hi all, New to this....... great site, u guys really know what you are talking about! I need some urgent help pls if anybody can regarding mobile money taking my car! here goes ........ Had a logbook loan with them back last may. I was very silly and very naive and in serious financial hardship, due to being a single mum and falling very sick, got behind on everything and needed to pay rent etc. I was paying the loan no problems till 6 months was up then got hit with the bombshell that I had not paid anything up, just interest and that from £1800 loan I now owed £3000 due immediately
  9. Hi, pls help how do i start a new thread on here? mobile money unlawfully took my car this morning I had no warning, no clamp, no letters nothing. I had phoned and asked for copy of BOS and credit agreement, they refused to send it and I woke up this morning and car was gone. It wasnt taken from my address was taken from a private driveway, What do i do?? any advice wld be greatly appreciated!
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