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  1. Hi, This may be an odd question but here goes. I have a CCJ instalment order which I pay £40 monthly, and they also got security on my property for 9k when Restons took me to court for unsecured credit card which I did try and fight but they got security and an instalment order. Now I am at a bit of a crossroads as I dont live in the house, it was rented and I was going to sell and may have a potential buyer. I am now thinking of moving back in the house as the equity may not be enough to repay my other debts and would want to come out debt free, however if I sold but would be about 2k
  2. Im with you on that one Ford......I can understand both sides and agree there has to be some benefit for both. However I only got my judgement for installments in November, then they had me back for redermintation as they were not happy with installments in december and then back again in March for C/O. Four months hardly gives me time to get in a better position financially and I now have all the costs added to my debt. So in four months my debt has increased by over £500. Not a bad return in my view.
  3. I think your right Ganymede, They will fob me off with law jargon I dont understand. I think I will visit CAB and get thier views as they can help represent you on some occasions I think? And will also ask someone at the MOJ if there is a statute that deals with both and if not why it is being used in county courts. I think its discraceful as I also got whacked with another £280 costs for the second time for court appearances I didnt request.
  4. I agree, but I am far from the only one who has had these additions to there court orders and if the law states if you keep up installments set by the court you cannot be subject to a charging order then I would like clarification as to why they are including the right for the creditor to apply and grant them due to a hybrid addition they have chosen to include. I will try my luck and see what they say, will take up to 20 days by the look of it lol.
  5. Oh Im up for it Ford lol, What a great idea! I would love to have them explain WTF is or isnt the law, and why county courts seem to think its acceptable to adlib what they put in a court order to baffle the hell out of defendents and hit them with both barrels. You are a genius
  6. Hi, Im ok just just angry now lol. It was the same judge and he rambled on about the law changing all the time and I shouldnt worry about the c/o as they wont get an order for sale as under 25k? He also advised when I got a bit tearful to pursue my ombudsman complaint as If they found in my favour could reduce the c/o accordingly... but they called today and told me that as it had been to court and had been decided that they couldnt proceed and overide it as the amount was set at court! I also had a letter from the solicitor asking for an income and expenditure completed to review th
  7. CASE LOST FINAL ORDER GRANTED! Well despite putting my defence together with all your fantastic help the judge granted the charging order anyway. Very upset right now, and broke down in court as couldnt believe he was going to allow it irrespective of the law. I would love to know if these hybrid orders could be challenged. x
  8. Hi, Please could you give me the outcome of your charging order as I have also just had final hearing and kept up repayments but have a hybrid order with leave to apply for charging order.... the final order was granted and not sure where to go from here. x
  9. Hi everyone, I have started my defence and wondered if you could all have a read and see what you think. I am trying to attempt to make the judge aware the new reforms are not in place without teaching him to suck eggs and annoy him, so thats why I have done a review of my redermination. Please feel free to pick it to pieces I wont be offended as Im not that good at this. Atmy redetermination hearing I believe theorder received by the judge was fair and took into consideration both me as the debtor and the applicant as thecreditor based on the following: “There be an o
  10. Wow where did you find that little gem....thankyou. On the application it only gives two options either the installments are unpaid or no installments are set, they have ticked the box for the unpaid section but annotated see section 7 which is the further information section and added as prev post. Naughty naughty...I am going to work on my defence soon so will post up as Im really not that good at the legal jargon. I will copy and paste some from cmbruamyths defence as sounded great but will need you guys to pick it to pieces for me lol.
  11. Hi, yes exactly that one. Thank you soooo much started to panick then as if force I am stuffed lol You are a legal god in my view
  12. OMG Heelllp Just been reading proposed reforms to charging orders. Does anyone know for definate if the proposed reforms to charging orders were actually passed?
  13. Hi my reasons are county court act 1984 section 86 installments not in default. I have not defaulted on ANY installments on my CCJ since issued and my installments were ordered on a CCJ prior to redermination then kept the same so no changes to amounts etc at hearing so surely that is the law and that is how he should make a judgment?
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