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  1. Thanks, will send it first thing in the morning.
  2. They are doing it on behalf of Greenwoods
  3. I am approximately £5000 in debt and the constant letters and phone calls are making me ill I have offered to pay £5 a month to each debt until I am in a better places financially (which should be the middle of the year) but one of the companies have said they will not accept anything lower then £46.46, I honestly can not afford to pay this and I'm not sure how to deal with them as they said the next step will be court proceedings. I'm currently under the doctor for depression and all of this is stressing me out, my husband works fulltime but he has his own bills
  4. lol, sorry i just meant do you have an idea of how long they take.
  5. how long will it take for it to be sent out?
  6. Well I did it all online, and they said they needed more information and would contact me in 7-10days, on thursday I had a letter of them saying, I had been approved and could I please check, and sign the credit card agreement, and send it back, but keep the plain text one for melf. I sent it off thursday afternoon, so they should have had it either yesterday or monday. What will happen next?
  7. so if you recieve a credit card agreement does that mean the card will be issued then? or will they do further credit checks etc? I don't fully understand!
  8. Hi, forgive me if I'm in the wrong section. When applying for a capital one card, do you just do an application online? then they send a credit card agreement (if approved) and send you a card or is the credit card agreement part of the application? Sorry I'm not very clued up!
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