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  1. That's great news! Congrats! :grin: :grin:
  2. Use the Triton Square address. Don't think it needs a name to send it recorded, I didn't use one anyway.
  3. My daughter bought an amp for her car from an online retailer just before Xmas. We tried to fit it in her car, but it didn't work, so were advised by the retailer to try it in another vehicle. Still didn't work We were then advised to return it, they would check it, and send a replacement. I had a phone call last night from them saying that they had tested the amp, had found that it was fine, and now they want another £25.00 to return it to us. I guess it's my word against theirs that it's faulty. What can I do? Ideally I just want a refund or a replacement. I really don't want to fork out another £25 for something that doesn't work. What are my rights? How can I prove it's faulty, or is it for them to prove it's working? Really unhappy
  4. Well done Lula, and sorry to hijack - but do you have a contact tel.no for whoever is dealing with claims at Abbey? Cheers
  5. Hi Sarah It would be best if you start your own thread, then we can follow your story and offer help when you need it. Otherwise you might find that your questions get buried. What stage are you at? Have you sent your SAR letter ? With the £10 fee? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/516-1-data-protection-act.html. Once thats done, Abbey have 40 days to supply the info. Read the step by step guide. This is really important and will tell you everything you need to know. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/31460-step-step-instructions.html Don't worry about writing letters, you will find all the letters ready prepared in the library. Yes, you will need to fill in a spreadsheet (also available in the library), but make sure you are clear what you are doing before you start - and presumably, if you don't have all your statements yet you aren't quite at this stage. So, begin a thread, post questions there and people will help. In the meantime, have a read through some threads and the faqs. It's all time well spent. Good luck! x
  6. You really need to send off the SAR, this puts you on a legal footing from the word go. Otherwise they will take forever to send out your statements, and charge you a fiver for each. With the SAR they will still delay as much as poss, but are legally bound to provide the info within the 40 day period and all for a tenner which you claim back at a later stage. As for charges, yes, claim for everything: Failed Direct Debits Bounced Cheques Unauthorised overdraft charges. hth Laura
  7. Hi Paul I speak from my own experience with Abbey. My first claim was settled in Sept, and it's only now that they have withdrawn my overdraft, the account remains open, although there is no money going in or out. I opened and started using a new bank account as soon as I began my claim with Abbey. I also transferred my salary and all my DDs to the new account immediately. After I sent my prelim letter, I received the standard response letter which threatened that my account could be closed. However it hasn't happened yet, and I started my claim in June. Don't let the threat of closure put you off. Once your account is in dispute, my understanding is that they can't make you pay back your overdraft. Might be worth reading around to see how others have been affected. Start your claim!
  8. Yes - see here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=95
  9. This could be it? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/42170-letter-appropriation-when-bank.html
  10. Yep, I got exactly the same letter yesterday too. Looks like a job lot.
  11. Yippee!! Well done Lula! :D Enjoy! (But can't agree with your description of him as a Love God!! )
  12. I would just ignore it and file your claim at Court when the LBA deadline is up. They will take more notice then, I'm sure.
  13. Hi there When i received my statements and the return of my cheque, I called the customer advocate centre 01244 672628 and simply asked for the return of all my charges. Initially they tried to offer me the difference between the £25 i had been charged and the OFT "recommended amount"of £12. But don't be put off. To start the conversation I thanked them for sending the statements and returning the cheque, I then let them know that I would be sending a formal letter to request a full refund - plus compound interest. I spoke to Colin Pugh, and he was great. Said he wanted to save me the bother of writing in, and phoned me back with a figure after he had worked out the interest. It's certainly worth a phone call, it seems that it works every time with MBNA. Good luck!
  14. Likewise Dessie. I settled for less than my full claim last time cos I needed the money. However this time, with my debts paid off, I'm going for the full amount. Their arrogance beggars belief .
  15. In response to my SAR I received a breakdown of my charges and the return of my cheque for £10. Also got a refund of half my charges without asking for it. From reading other posts I decided to give MBNA a ring - success!! 100% of my charges refunded + compound interest!! Not a problem, it was easy and a breath of fresh air after the likes of Cap One and Abbey. I recommend a phone call, they are all pleasant, polite and NICE people, so please be nice back...they really do want to help. Colin Pugh at MBNA, if you are reading this - you made my day.
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