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  1. well if you can give out refunds and be of some use that way please see the link below, LOTS of people totally shafted and wanting paid back.....should keep ou busy for a while http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?p=29419541
  2. any involvement in dishonestly taking, sorry STEALING money from people makes you involved. they proprietors seem to be getting along VERY well with their new range rovers/fancy cars every few months. makes me sick. hope this new office gets traced just as easily and they get what they deserve.
  3. Hi, i just want to say that if trading standards or anyone else for that matter call in to see these theives in G7 in the West Wing then they won't have any luck. this is just a small room rented out by the thieves for storage, they actually operate out of G4, G5 and G6 in the same building. the company name you mention is not displayed anywhere in building and is not familiar with the other tenants sharing the building, very 'undercover'!! i'm appaled by the disgraceful behaviour of some fellow human beings and hope this info can help those who have been shafted in some way. p.s. his home address is also easily found if you want that too!
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