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  1. yes flyboy, i got it back on friday m8!! result now to keep ppl away from making the same mistake!
  2. i think we are all gettin the pi$$ took out of us by complaintshelp tbh
  3. got all adresses m8, will be paying a visit v.soon if my money aint in my account today.
  4. sort out my refund then and lets see what happens eh?? i only live 15 miles away
  5. thanks m8! point taken, sorry mods just ventin and i would never hurt a fly cheers fb
  6. hi m8! good to be here punk thieves gonna get a shock v soon m8, i promise ya. hope you read this thief!
  7. you know that you are a bunch of thieves m8, i never got refunded from the e-cig BS:evil: ive done a report and sent it all off to watchdog listing all the companies i found today that are listed at the same address. i hope you get nailed to the wall ya thief
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