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  1. Hi, after 3 reminders so far, today i get a letter with the heading NOTICE OF LEGAL PROCEEDINGS from I.C.C. Legal Services UK Limited giving me seven days to pay the sum of £120 should i fail to pay they will start legal proceedings without further reference. I have never heard of this people I.C.C. Legal Services, i take it that the advice is still the same IGNORE. Thanks
  2. Hi Wino thank you for your quick response. I belive it is a private company working on behalf of the hospital ( Car Parking Partnership ) based at PO Box 597 Northampton, i have also attached a biger picture. Thanks again Avisense
  3. Hi Every one My first post, hope this is the right place. Went to Charring Cross Hospital and used the pay & display car park, the ticket was for 2 hours i came back to the car before the time was up to find the penalty notice on the wind sreen stating that i was parked without clearly displaying the required current valid pay and display ticket, i then realized the pay and display ticket had fallen from the window into the foot well, i managed to speak to the enforcement officer and he said that he kwew i had a ticket and that he could see it through the window but because it was not
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