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  1. I thought I had read other post here where people have returned cars on a VT with higher milage than the agrement. Be use ful to find some one who has. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for that, but I am sure I remember the dealer saying that terminating at 50% would be all I would pay.
  3. I was wondering if any one can help, I have a Car Finance agreement which has a deferred final payment with an annual mileage allowance. As I understand it I have the express right to Voluntary Terminate the agreement once I have paid 50%. I will probably need to do this as the mileage covered will be in excess of that stated in the agreement. My questions is can the finance company come after me for the additional mileage if I have Voluntary Terminated the agreement? I seem to remember the dealer telling me that as long as I keep the vehicle serviced and there is nothing broken my only obliga
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