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  1. Yes, I recognise the address! And can assure you it is not the 'headquarters' of any businesses aforementioned, or mentioned in the posts you highlighted in msef. Not sure on the telephone number?
  2. I'll see what I can do regarding a statement about our involvement and that of the registered address, director.
  3. I've admitted having no trouble at all speaking with fraud and or trading standards, local authorities etc as personally I have nothing to hide from them - I run a legitimate business, and as such would welcome questions from such organisations - I was merely trying to say the my annononimity is not due to being unlawful or such like, moreover, due to personal safety, and your comments below only cement my feelings, maybe because I agree with what you say, and should I be in that position that may be my reaction also! Blinded by rage I believe the saying is! In respect of you northern echo comments, my involvement with i cant say, and your comment above only again adds to my reasons of annononimity! What I would say is I can hand on heart say I have never taken a bean from anyone in a free trial [problem] as it is put!
  4. I made the call personally. We are a corporate service provider (company administrator) who's business was dragged into this unknowingly, and are now attempting to assist people in getting in touch and resolving their issues, whilst stopping our business being dragged into this whole mess any further than it already has! And without becoming the innocent victim of of threatening behaviour or slander brought about by someone else! The same go's for the registered address, director etc etc of LB Cybernet Entertainment Ltd - their involvement is nothing more than a 3rd party unknowingly dragged into this!
  5. Exciting? To be honest I dont see anything very exciting about people collectively loosing out on a huge amount of money, nor innocent parties being brought into something they have seen no benefit from? In all honesty, my thoughts are quite simple - people, to an extent, will believe and listen to what they want to hear, and should I give full details of my identity etc then people will not listen to the reason for my involvement, moreover, come to me and as they have a cross to bear, will take action and ask questions later! I agree it may make life easier if I went into details about myself, but as I say I dont for one moment think anyone would actually read any details after my name and address, they would simply see that and then get their coat and shoes on! I have no issues assisting fraud teams, trading standards etc etc, however, the same cannot be said for disgruntled individuals at my door when I have a wife and children to think about, in addition to my own legitimate business - which by the way does not in any way offer free trials, or sell products over the internet! And again, I am not 'this crowd'!
  6. Moderators, please do not remove the email address mentioned in my previous post - i am advised this is a very good channel of communication with these guys
  7. Apologies, you misunderstood - I am not giving refunds, merely providing details of the channels to do so after research I have done. I have no comments to make with regards to regulations, acts etc etc Many thanks
  8. We have been able to obtain a free phone number for anyone in the UK, although the call centre is not in the UK the advisors seem very helpful: UK free phone number: 08082389830 Support email address: [email protected] We have called the number, and found the following: Our call was answered in under 10 seconds to a recorded line, then after a brief recorded message, the call was answered by an operator in under 2 minutes! The policies we were advised of are as follows: 'Free trial' lasts for 15 days and thereafter a charge will be applied as per terms and conditions of subscription; Any subscription may be cancelled within 30 days from receipt of goods, and a refund of the 'subscription fee' will be given (the $3.95 or whatever for 'postage' is not refunded) From the time the call is placed for cancellation, a member of the refunds customer support team will make contact by email within 3 working days to confirm refund details; Once refund is agreed, they advised that within 30 days from this date, payment should credit the designated account - this may seem like an elongated period, however, I would presume they are simply giving conservative estimates, usual timescales are around 7 working days (this may also be relative to the volume of refunds they are expecting to process); I hope the information we have found is of assistance and would be interested to receive feedback on how any claims were handled, however, before I am again accused of being 'involved' I would like to reiterate I am indeed NOT, and should this information not be of use then please also advise in order that we can research and try and find alternative numbers / email addresses - but please do not take it personally against me as I have simply researched to try and find the best method of communication and have been advised this is it!
  9. Thanks for the link by the way! If you have any others please pm me and I will post details on there too.
  10. I have joined money saving expert and will be posting contact details as soon as possible. I have also joined 'complaintsboard' To reiterate, I am not 'them' I am simply trying to help, I personally have not seen any benefit from 'this' business!
  11. Thus far involvement has been nothing more than passing over of information / complaint letters / refund requests - most of which have been successful. The occupiers of the aforementioned address are NOT the proprietors of the business causing people stress, moreover a third party dragged into this mess.
  12. But as I say, please dont bring me into this personally, I am not personally involved and have not seen benefit from the situation!
  13. Please speak with 'redhouserobo' on this forum and he will assure you I have been helpful. This is not 'my' business, I am simply trying to help. Please do not bring my business, family or home into this - I and they have not seen any benefit from this, quite the opposite. An office is being setup as we speak, that will be properly manned, with landline telephone and staff in order to resolve all matters. Suite G7 is simply a temporary solution in order that all mail to that address may be collected and forwarded in a timely manner. Thanks
  14. I am not in a position to give any more details, if I could I would, I am simply trying to help and sort out as much of this mess as is possible. An office, landline, uk based customer service etc etc is being setup as we speak in order to more efficiently sort the refunds, complaints and responses! To reiterate, I do not work for these guys. Thanks
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