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  1. Hi Everyone, I come to you all in an hour of need as I am not sure where to take this from here. All of this related to my partner, and her ex husband. They split in 2008 and divorced a few years afterward. They had a house together when they split, this was in negative equity so they decided to rent out the house until it came out of negative equity. They also had a number of debts together that were consolidated and paid through a debt management service. When they divorced an agreement was put forth via solicitors that formalised the agreement that was already verbal. My partner w
  2. I have already told her that she can't evict me unless she secures it but she is not that bothered. I am planning on leaving in January which is why I want the deposit protected before I hand in my notice to make any mediation fair. What is the legality of witholding my last months rent to recover my deposit? If I hand my notice in on 15th January (the day before my rent is due) and then don't pay anything and then I will leave on the 15th of February? If what you say is true then what is the point of that law? Surely Landlords just waits till the court papers come through the door?
  3. Hello all, I am about to file against my current Landlady (I am still in the property) for refusing to secure my deposit. I am worried though that if I take her to court that she will simply secure it when she receives the court papers, leaving me unable to get my fees back. How does this work exactly? If this goes to court (I have just sent my final LBA) can I still proceed with the claim even if she secures it after the case has been started?
  4. Surreyguy, I've been lurking on your situation for a while and thought it was time to post. I wish you all the best of luck today and hopefully the outcome will be in your favour; you definitely deserve it!
  5. Hello all, I am currently embroidled in a difficult situation with my landlady. I will give a bit of background information. I moved in at the beginning of 2009 on a 6 months AST agreement. I have not signed any agreements since so I assume I am on a rolling AST agreement. I do realise this means the Landlady can pretty much kick me out for no reason, but that is not too much of a problem. Ever since I moved in, there has been two major issues with the property. 1) The shower runs directly off the boiler and because the boiler was not designed for this kind of use (confirmed by
  6. You are wrong in two respects unfortunately. 1) They have the right to cancel you order if they sell at the incorrect price on the website as long as they fix the price on the website (for example they can't keep it at £5 for example to draw people in then up the price, they need to fix it) 2) Even in a physical shop, they don't have to give you the price that is on the shelf if the price is in error and they tell you this at the counter. There is no legal right to have the product at the advertised price. The price is an invitation to offer in contract law - it is not acceptance. Th
  7. Hi Jessie, I have done some research on the internet, and there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that there is no cooling off period on the contract (Assuming you signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement). You are bound now by that contract. The good ish news is he can't re-advertise that property if you don't want to let him. Effectively that property is now yours. The best thing to do in your situation is to get hold of the Landlord and plead your case with him. The agent legally has to give you the Landlords address (it may even be in the tenancy agreement
  8. Hello all, I'm quite new to this forum and I must say I absolutely love it already. I spent most of yesterday reading through different forums and I learnt a lot. I'm currently having some issues with my landlady. I moved into my flat on 13th January 2009, with a rent of £450 a month, a deposit of £450 a month through a letting agent. This was on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for 6 months. After moving in I immediately noticed two issues, the intercom for the flat was not working (this is a very big issue as I am on the first floor and have no method of knowing when someone is a
  9. Adversity - Google her name. Solicitors names are usually put on firms websites or she will advertise her services likely on the net. Good luck
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