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  1. Well I know one thing if we had the paperwork infront of us in time we would of paid. The only thing we can hope for is that they have broken procedure somewhere. The good news is that if they have they will be banged to rights because we have cctv that feeds live to the internet for recording.
  2. I am not sure what legal advice we are entitled to. So far all I know is the following: - it's his fault - they are entitled to remove - we should recieve bill of sale and funds So far surprise surprise the only element not completed is us recieving funds which I would think is unlawfull. Does anyone else have any input before we escalate this with a lawyer? thanks very much for replies so far
  3. I have been directed to this site which might I say looks really comprehensive regarding traffic problems. Here is what I posted below. Can anyone tell me the best way to go forward. thank you very much in advance! So we have just come back from holiday to find my partners car which cost us a fortune a few years ago has been removed and it gets worse. We have two properties and I never stay at our old house and he only will when working away. It's a BMW 745i with a value of about £12,000 now looking at price guides. It has been removed for a £1500.00 parking debt. M
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