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  1. Talk Talk can be extremely difficult to get hold of but an option for customers in financial difficulty called the Emergency Plan is available so you could ask for that when you write/call. Emergency Plan is a scaled back broadband and phone service - 512kbps broadband, 1GB useage limit and inclusive weekend calls but Premium, International and mobile calls barred to limit expenditure - you just have to pay line rental and you get grace on the rest of your bill. This was bought in in 2009 and still going as far as I know. Hope this helps
  2. Orange's broadband only deal doesn't credit check you. I think it's called simply broadband.
  3. It's not the check that makes you financially linked to the other person it's holding the account over a period of time. Even then, only some lenders will look at individuals who are financially linked to you - there's no one credit score.
  4. Agree with the person above on getting on the electoral roll. Also, note that although the lender that you apply for a mortgage with will be able to see that you applied for a loan but not whether you were accepted.
  5. A friend of mine tried to do a similar thing with BT fees - claiming that she wasn't aware she could've been making a monthly saving by having paperless billing. BT were having none of it, they offered to switch her to paperless but not to backdate any of those payments even after she made further complaints - apparently, it was all in the terms when she signed up... which obviously everybody reads...
  6. Who are you travelling with? I've noticed the same clause before when travelling with National Express but have never actually had to show them a card.
  7. Yeah sorry I've got to agree with MaxxPower. It's in your T&Cs and Virgin do mention fair use/ traffic management when you sign up (at least they did when I was with them a few years ago) and have lots of info on it elsewhere. There are also numerous independent (i.e. non-Virgin) sites/articles that compare fair use. Like this one: Broadband Fair Use Policies Exposed and Explained I hate to say it but legally - if not morally! - VM are in the right on this one.
  8. Don't know if Orange will tell you this so I'll just say this... Orange are an ISPA member so that means if your problem has been going on for eight weeks without a resolution you can apply for adjudication by CISAS CISAS Good luck with it - hope it doesn't have to go so far
  9. Sorry this is a bit after the fact... BT are ridiculously terrible at communicators considering that's sort of their thing. They still call me every week or so looking for someone who used to live at my property but when I cancelled them they didn't so much as send a letter to confirm. My policy with them after several moves in recent years is to just let them do whatever and get away as soon as possible. Good luck with your new Sky!
  10. This might sound obvious but did the money leave your account to BT's (assuming you paid by card). If so, you've got proof that you paid and on what date so I'd start by showing them that or have you done that?
  11. Agree with Mark - it really depends on what your options are. Having said that, I'm with Plusnet and they're one of the best providers I've ever been with (good service, reliable etc). Personally I've also had really good experiences with Virgin Media - though if you can't get Sky LLU you'd likely have to get VM National which isn't ideal...
  12. If you have a BT socket in the wall and the property was fairly recently vacated you'll be best off buying a cheap landline phone, plugging it in and checking for a dial tone. If you've got a dial tone you won't have to pay for a new number or activation (dial out to a mobile to find your number) otherwise you may have to pay up to £127.99 to activate your BT line. You may be able to get O2 and they do line rental but you'll need to check your postcode to check this. You can check this in a few places, for example, SamKnows - Accurate broadband performance information for consumer
  13. This seems completely unfair for Goldfish customers especially since - as this article I read points out (Why Goldfish Credit Card Holders are Carping | 10 Jun 10| CREDIT CARD NEWS) -Barclaycard Freedom offers much more. Barclaycard are just betting that - having held the card for so long thus far - Goldfish customers will just accept the new deal quietly. They're probably right!
  14. BT do a 'free' reconnection offer when you sign up for broadband, TV and phone bundles. I put that free in inverted commas since BT will charge you £4.99 more per month or £89.82 over the 18-month contract and you'll need to make at least 10 chargeable or inclusive calls per month to qualify. (I'm getting these figures from this review's - BT BROADBAND | BT Broadband, TV & Phone Bundles | Review, Prices & Special Offers - line installation section.) Without TV line installation is £50 when you sign up for a BT broadband and phone deal. You can't get free line inst
  15. You might have some trouble since your purchase wasn't over £100 but you should be covered even though the company itself was abroad, see: Does my credit card cover purchases I make abroad? | Use Abroad Credit Cards
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