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  1. last time i asked them for this they said there would be a charge of £35 for this information and that was just for the arrears information and nothing else i have noticed your template letter which states about a £10 fee does this apply in this case at the moment things are going ok and they agreed to reinstate the £40 monthly and not take any more of for the insurance
  2. this company never ceases to amaze me, a few months ago i agreed to pay £40 towards my arrears each month and have been maintaining payments each month or so i though until i received a letter telling me of court action for £xxxx amount, so i rung capstone up and spoke to them, they agreed i had been paying the arrears payment until 3 months ago when they say that i not sent in my insurance renewal so they set up their own and consequently the arrears money has been going towards the payment of this, this i was not told about so now they are threatening me with court action for this. every t
  3. ryde- the agreement was between me and them and they sent a letter to confirm the ammount to be paid each month. as for the adviser he was sent by DMS and gave no notice of him turning up only a letter from DMS to say they are being ask to call to discuss my arrears and ring to make an appointment which they never did they just turned up the same day the letter arrived, the only thing i told the adviser was that i had already been to discuss my problems with a member of my family works for the CAB on these matters and thought that capstone had a cheek to charge me upto £92 for him to visit me
  4. ryde yes my agreement was in writing and i have received nothing to say it has been cancelled. Guineverewithattitude i got my details on one side of the paper and it went over on to the back the the other persons starts straight after mine and then goes on to another sheet. do you have the details of who you complained to thanks
  5. i had an agreement set up to pay £40 per month for my arrears sent this of with monthly mortgage payment as two seperate cheques ( thats only so i know where my money is) early in the month then early last week they rung me about my arrears and as a previous post of mine stated they sent a adviser to see me, just turned him away, the outcome last week was there is no payment agreement set up now for my arrears. so if this is the case then why have they cashed the cheque for the £40 this morning, surely then my payment plan is still in place. also asked for a statement of arrears which i receiv
  6. having the same trouble with Capstone/Preferred. said they where sending an adviser please ring to make appointment. up to £92 would be the charge rung to cancel because i am using a free service, never even made an appointment and an agent just showed up at my door told him was not using them because they charge he said i was doing the wrong thing and he put it down as a refusal. cheeky sods rung mortgage company up and told them and they say they are still charging me because he turned up unannounced i might add and that where still charging me.
  7. just been looking through this section and capstone mortgages is mentioned does this include Preferred Mortgages
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