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  1. If you still have a mortgage then welcome would have to apply to them first and the court as a second option..Which your mortgage Co. would in all likly hood refuse. As for the repayment plan with these people.....THEY DON'T WORK...all they do is increase the debt overall with the exta interest added.I won't even answer about the project:???:. Your best bet is to SAR them for all the details held on you.(letter found in library) RECLAIM the charges etc and put the account in dispute over the ppi descrepency.This may stop the D/N but if it doesn't then post it up as it will likely be defective...Then more help and advice will be given... Most if not all of us have or are in the same situation as you....Just one more thing DO NOT deal with these people by phone get everything in writing from now on and keep the letters for proof and ref.
  2. part 8 of the order is interesting!!!!! It basically confirms that ALL of welcomes default charges are unfair and requires them to get approval of the oft before ammending their T&C's.Theirfore in retrospect all agreements signed prior to the new T&C's would be excluded from the charges. ANY further comments plz....
  3. send the dca a letter. account in dispute.They must return the account to welcome.(letter in library) also SAR welcome for ALL the details they hold on this account and reclaim ppi etc.
  4. This d/n does not give a date for the breach to be remedied. So does not comply with the default and termination regs. I would suggest reading other posts on dodgy d/n's for further info
  5. It is my opinion that you have an unenforcable agreement.The rescheduled agreement must contain ALL the information on the first one.Hidden charges make this unenforcable...my opinion only - so a second opinion from someone else would be needed. I would also SAR them for the original 1st agreement and all insurances etc lets see if they actually excist.????
  6. Mark you refer to the manchester cases.DO you or anyone else have a link to those cases. I don't remember reading them!!!
  7. Never phone..get any proof in writing only..and is stated on other thread lets sort out what CCA is applied here ie1974 or1986
  8. If you have paid more than a certain ammount of the debt then they can't repossessed without a court order.
  9. while account is in dispute NO action should be taken...and the account should not be passed to a third party.(FSA &OFT RULES) If they are demanding full payment then they have terminated the agreement. The main point to work on is when these agreements were signed and dated.SO are we looking at the CCA1974 or the ammended version.....
  10. send the other customer details to the information commisioner for data protection and complain about the lack of diligance or security .the adress is on this forum somewhere...just can't find it yet.
  11. Today we received a letter from Incasso LLP asking for full payment of outstanding balance within the next 7 days. Advice on how to proceed with these people please? Priority is to gain time (for thinking and action) Send a letter to dca (library) saying you do not acknowledge this debt and you don't know who the hell these people are.DEMAND the letter of assignment and state that until it is recieved you will not answer any correspondance. State also that this account is in dispute with welcome and as such cannot be passed on to any DCA until the dispute is settled.
  12. Good point brassed off2 I forgot that one.. Thanks for the input and help postggj
  13. Lewis are welcomes DCA. OK you say they took you to court..ARE you paying this under a CCJ. Also you need to send a letter before action (in library) Demand a copy of the original agreement / any default notice and the letter of assignment to lewis. SEND TO LEWIS and WELCOME recorded delivery. When that little errand boy ran off to complete the form welcome must have given you a copy within (I think)seven days. Something is seriously wrong here.There must be something on that agreement that they know is wrong...chase it up... Post up the responce by then postggj may have read this as we may need his help here
  14. Also I don't think a repo is possible as you've paid more than the minimum requirement......(this point needs a second opinion)
  15. So if the finance was for a car and the original agreement has no mention of car finance (is that a free car?) I would check if mechanical insurance was included with a veiw to reclaiming
  16. Secifically Include in the sar a request for all insurance details and copies of original insurance docs....post up with your findings
  17. Of course its been written off....Its been UNLAWFULLY terminated on the back of a dodgy DN.tell the dca to off...Now also check your orig agreement if its wrong ie.missold ppi or insurances etc or details of ppi repayments and total not listed seperatly as in a multiple agreement They can only claim arrears if the orig agreement is valid
  18. Welcome seem to be playing this game at the moment...and every time the ring breaks/ out flood the letters "yes your account was missold etc"/ Then the next time it breaks "your ppi complaint on this account is rejected"// KEEP these letters comming as it proves further your incompetance... IS anyone else having the same letters?
  19. You say"I took the loan" and "our business collapsed" and "my husband was made bankrupt" Was it not a joint loan or a business loan which could be covered by the bankruptsy??? AS you say you both worked in the business concerned and I assume the money was used in that same business. Maybe a more experienced cagger can pick this up for more info....
  20. Do as postggj has sugested..make the 10% offer as final.wait for the responce..Then and only then think about the long term.
  21. Totally wrong.....can you prove it???? You also say AGENT ? was this agent paid commission or was he/she a welcome employee.
  22. Also check for other insurances ie lifecare/ medicare etc as these are also either missold or not mentioned or both.
  23. Technically The balance is owed on the car. So the car is or could still belong to welcome.It must have been sold privatly as a garage would have checked outstanding HP..
  24. What is the address of creation as I have been trying to contact them regarding my charges etc. The 2 letters ive sent have been returned as not at this address..
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