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  1. DJ ...thats what I mean . You got a result without the fantastic three.
  2. OK bring it on.....just keep us informed of their arguments and how they can ignore or justify what their interpritation of the FOS was.
  3. the same was said about bank charges until one of the fantastic three you mention c****d up.So we all need as much info as pos to stand any chance...
  4. Interesting read, which leads to a couple of questions.1 who are welcome's lawyers.2 If all the posts on this site are true then how would these big media back down . 3 dj may have a long wait before a court hearing fos appear to have no clout plus I think the box of dirty tricks is not open yet.
  5. it looks like you need somebody to look and advise on 1 the lifecare 2 the ppi 3 the mortgage indemnity fee. Repost and try to get a reply from a more senios cagger
  6. hi mickj i'm new as well and reading with interest all welcome posts. Was insurance included...a cca request would reveal y/n . It might reveal other errors then sar them for more info.
  7. First a big HI to everyone. Now this is my first post so please bear with me as I am still reading all this imformation (what a goldmine). NOW just to get started I would like some advise on the following: - I have 2 outstanding debts, one is a loan the other is a credit card. Both debts have been paid at a nominal rate (loan 9yrs & card 7yrs)With interest frozen. I have been told that I could have these debts cancelled... .Is this true..If so how and on what grounds???
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