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  1. good talking to people on twitter about it too Sue Marsh ? they saying the same as you guys thanks Mentioned this site in a tweet
  2. Also they've told the CAB that she is not required to attend sick notes not to be contacted again. I have a copy of the email sent to the CAB from SeeTec.
  3. The thing is shes never acctually signed up for this work programme at all just went to a "meeting" to see if she could turn up then was refered to the CAB How do I/we complain ? who do i write to ? Im not good at writing letters
  4. Guess who just phoned ?? Yes you've guessed it SeeTec !! Even after they've been told Mrs P is in the Support Group and is not required to provide sick notes or to be contacted by them, they decide to phone up !! "But we're just phoning to let her know that her sick note is about to run out. If she does not come in she may lose her benefits." To say I am a little upset is the understatement of the year !! I told them in no uncertain terms to not contact again. "But she may lose her benefits" I refer you to the letter of the 4th June that says Mrs P is in the support group "
  5. Update... ok so after phoning the CAB, they told Seetec that they shouldn't be contacting at all. Seetec told the CAB that they had (conveniently) 'lost' the letter from the DWP that says that she has been put into the support group, and that's why they were phoning. CAB faxed them the letter and confirmed that she did not have to attend Seetec offices. Seetec emailed saying that Mrs P does not required to attend their offices anymore or that any phone calls will be made to Mrs P. In turn CAB have sent a copy of the email to ourselves by post. Also they said if they contact again the
  6. anyway I consider this the end of the matter. I have paid all that was asked of me and feel relieved. if they or anyone else try anything funny I know where to turn to. thanks
  7. Final Update. They have sent a letter saying thank you for your payments of £XX:XX and £XX:XX These are the 'missing' payments from February and March, funny that they turned up after I provided proof. At the top of the page in amongst the account details etc there's a line stating Balance: £0:00 I take it this would be the end of the matter entirely...
  8. so she is not required to send anymore sick notes at all...!!! can she request that SeeTec not contact her again ??? she has a meeting with her psychiatrist next week this has just set her back to the beginning after all the hard work of getting her into the support group in the first place !!!
  9. ok im not sure SeeTec have received a letter, they didn't mention a letter. although they did say they knew she was in the support group when she mentioned it to them. I hope they're not trying to trick her into "volunteering" because they will feel my wrath !!!
  10. could you please tell me under which rules/legislation she does not have to attend send sick notes to SeeTec ? also where do I write to the dwp ? do I just write to the local job centre ?
  11. Thank you. I shall ask our CAB caseworker to write a nice letter to them. I'm no good at writing letters. It was also the threat of the loss of benefits that has now sent her back to what she was before in the support group. Thanks Seetec for undoing everything we've worked for !!!
  12. ok just had a call from Seetec to say that my wifes sick/fit note is about to run out. They didn't want to talk to me just her. So this ball was on speakerphone. She told them she is in the Support Group and doesn't want nothing to do with them again. They said it doesn't matter, they need another sick note from the doctor in order to stop her going there. I'm confused. Isn't that the point of the support group to stop her going there and not be bothered by these people. Things were going well and she was happy(ish) for once and now this has set her back to square o
  13. To say I am incandescent with rage at the moment is an understatement !!!
  14. ive written to them asking for a final statement but they haven't sent one. its been over a month since ive written to them asking for it. im just asking what should/could I do now ?
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