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  1. Great news a few days ago my wife received a letter from BCS and they have discontinued the claim in its entirety.My wife is very pleased she has been worrying about this despite my reassurance it was statute barred anyway good news for 2016.
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice and support. They have not contacted us since acknowledging my wife's defense. They included an expenditure form in their reply and asked us to fill it in including our bank details apparently to help with their inquiries they must think we are stupid.
  3. Thank you everyone for all the replies. I have checked my wife's file and it is headed "Credit Card from Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd" there is only one year listed which is 2010. The default date is stated as March 2010 there are no other entries this is the date of the first letter received from Lowell. We have not corresponded with Marbles or any of their representatives or made any payments since 2009.
  4. Defence was that the debt is statute barred the last payment was early 2009.
  5. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell portfolio LTD Date of issue – . 2nd October 2015 (responded with defence 2nd Oct 2015) What is the claim for – 1.The claimants claim is for the sum of £2866.36 being monies due from the defendant to the defendant under an agreement Regulated by the consumer act 1974 between the defendant and Marbles Under account reference ***************** And assigned to the claimant 21/08/2012 notice of which has been given to the defendant 2.The defendant failed to maintain contractual repayment under the terms of the agreement and a default
  6. We really need some advice. My wife received paperwork from MCOL concerning a debt with Lowell's. The original debt letters said Lowell were representing Marbles. The debt I think was defaulted early 2009 (could be earlier) so it would now be statute barred but Lowell added a default to my wife's credit records March 2010. I am unwell and disabled and my wife sufferers serious mental health problems and is epileptic we really don't need to be dealing with the courts on top of everything else .I responded and entered a defence for her 7 weeks ago based on th
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/pets/10149908/The-RSPCA-made-US-feel-like-criminals.html An article from 2013. I found this part very shocking "As well as bringing her up on criminal charges, the RSPCA would later apply to seize Miss Langley’s home to pay their court costs of £28,00"
  8. Hi slick132, I called Barclays on Tuesday concerning the loan ppi to see how the claim was progressing.The lady was really nice and said there was a letter sent asking for information concerning my health at the time the loan was taken out.I explained I already had a serious ilness when the ppi was added to the loan.I gave her all the information over the phone and said I had several letters from three consultants and a neurosurgeon to back up my conditions with diagnoses dates.The lady asked me to wait and went and spoke to someone she came back and said disregard the letter. She then gen
  9. Not that I know of.I would love to be able to reclaim the overdraft fees it would equate to about £4.5k without interest. The reason I think we have a claim is we already had an overdraft facility so we did not need the additions one. We were already covered by RAC so did not need their car cover.They never explained about the facilities or checked if we were already covered by other polices which we were.This is just some of the reasons why I think we were missold the account. I have read through different sites and it seems even if you were aware of the additions account.Apparently you h
  10. The additions upgrade was basically pushed onto us. We were pressured into having it and never used any of the benefits some of which we already had separate cover for.If the claim is successful it will be a bonus if not at least we tried.
  11. We received a letter this morning the refund was for OD protection calculated over 16 years payments.The amount is over double what we expected:shock: I didn't realise how the refund is calculated.Just waiting for a decision on the other two.I think the loan ppi will be upheld as I already had a serious preexisting health condition so they would never have paid out during a claim plus I never knew there was ppi on it.The additions account may be more difficult.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I will write to them if I don't receive a letter by mid week. slick132 One is for overdraft ppi I know the amount for this we have been paying for it since 1998. The second is for a loan from 2001 I think is was for £3000 over 3 years but not sure. The third is for an additions account at £15pcm we paid this for 2 or 3 years. I calculated the refund received it is very close to what I would expect for the OD and additions refunds added together without interest. If I calculate the additions account at three years and then add 1
  13. Hi all. We received a sum of money into our bank account entitled "PPI & INT REFUND" we have not received a letter advising us which of the three current ppi claims this refund is for. I only have one reference number for one claim I have not received any letters about the other two. It could be all three if it is the amount is woefully short .I called Barclays the woman already seemed confused before I even started asking questions. From the information she gave me all three claims are still being processed. She did not know what the refund was for and was
  14. Thanks for the reply. Council tax benefit was abolished April 2013 it is now called council tax support and the Government removed 18.5% of it's funding. The Government in their wisdom left it up to local authorities to charge what they wish.The first year they had a fund which authorities could apply for this added 10% funding but only lasted for 2013.In our case last year we paid 8.5% some authorities were asking for 45% where claimants were previously paying nil. This year ours is 18.5% and the bill has increased as well so we get what we are entitled to. I have been thinking long and h
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