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  1. HELP PLEASE Today I received this letter from Experto. Does this mean they can start a new default? I have as yet not received the reply to my SAR request from Welcome.
  2. I am having problems at this end getting the letter scanned. Last try sorry.
  3. I sent a SAR to welcome and they have sent my £10 back and a letter stating they need proof of identity before they will comply with my request?
  4. What confuses me is that I did buy a car on HP through WF in 2007 and I traded it in in 2009. I would not have been allowed to do this had it not been paid or it would have come up on HPI check at the garage.
  5. Should I mention in the letter I believe it is a settled account or just send the letter with the appropriate fields entered in it.
  6. I had two major operations followed by the stroke caused by a blood clot so I do have difficulty with longer term memory so I am having to rely on letters and relatives to help me at times.
  7. Not exactly as I had a stroke last year which has affected my physical memory to a degree and I am unable to recall the last time I was in contact with WF but it would have been around February 2008
  8. Yes it was done by a creditor and also via my bank
  9. I last had any dealings with Welcome in 2008 and I moved to a different county to be near my family in May 2009. I have had no further dealings with Welcome since then. (ie No letters notices etc from Welcome). Please see the extract from archived creditexpert report. There are no current entries for WF anywhere on my CRA file.
  10. On the 6th may I received a NOA letter from Experto Credite (copy attached NOA Experto 6) which I knew nothing about as my last dealings with Welcome were about six years ago and to the best of my knowledge satisfied. I then received a second letter on the 23rd May stating that as I had not replied to the first letter they would be registering the debt with a CRA. (see attachment Experto Credite 23.6) I have checked my cra files with both Noddle and Creditexpert and the only reference to Welcome was in an archived Creditexpert report dating back to November 2013 (copy of relevant section attached). Please advise as this is the first I know of any problem.
  11. I don't know how but drydens fairfax have got hold of my mobile number and I am being bombared by text messages to ring them. Should I wait until I get the N244 off to court or what do you suggest please? (sorry sent this twice).
  12. The court clerk I spoke to is sending an N244 and I am going to try get it set aside. He said it happens all the time.
  13. The court clerk needed my old address to find the case although it is my current address on the paperwork. I am very confused. The date of the case was at a time I was undergoing major surgery.
  14. I rang the court and they gave me the info. POC is very sketchy giving only an account number and that I was in default. No other details. The original solicitors were Bryan Carter. They sent me a copy of CCJ. On my credit file it shows at my old address but on the CCJ it has my current address but nothing has ever arrived here.?
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