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  1. Thanks for posting the letter Fuzz I feel for you, if you don't mind me saying it's a complete disgrace. I understand you were highlighting the absurdity of the cost of the courses and exposing the rip off. I wouldn't have seen that coming either,that they would use it as a settlement is galling. Did he not understand the point being made.also the bigger picture, I thought at least you would have a substantial refund.if not full refund as the end result was not achieved, OK at least you've shown that Computeach can't be forced on us that's a big win btw. but it's from start to finish been a
  2. Raymondo I am in the same position my father signed the FOS has proved to be a waste of time and not believing your wife is a complete insult There is a part regarding guarantors in the Lacors document that says financial providers will argue s75 does not apply yet in the fact they offer an alternative provider is proving they do believe it does apply or they would have no need to offer the new provider. It also upholds the 4way contract in court. I don't understand why the FOS has took this stance. Hopefully we will get justice.
  3. I remember that 10pack we just knew something wasn't right verifying your details was in fact signing up to them and that wasn't right.So glad we never fell for it. To-night I've been looking through the old posts it's amazing how much info is there and refreshes your memory as to all the searching and late nights we had trying to find our way in the maze of legalities. I watched this last night and it would actually make you puke I thought you may be interested 10packit's about corruption in the banks remembering they are Global and all the same. http://vimeo.com/25491676
  4. I suspected at the beginning they would do that, I never contacted them at all there was no point I wanted nothing to do with them. They have tried everything to get us to go with CT, There are a few who have went to CT and are not happy and have left and are witholding payment again. So bfp will not be caring as that will be their chance scuppered now their fight wll be with CT That is a scandal to treat people like that Thanks for that link Blade it's very interesting.
  5. Hi Guys see if this resembles our experience trying to get a straight answer from them http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?331696-One-for-our-Barclays-guests(-)
  6. Totally agree Blade this could have been dealt with respect they have shown they are arrogant and uncaring and have caused people to be ill with the stress of it all. on your other point Blade... they won't take us to court they would have done it before now passing it to debt collectors shows they are unlikely to get what they want in court. I have a couple of points that they would have difficulty explaining Good luck with your case let us know how it goes too if you need support and help, starting a thread of your own here the guys would keep you right and give you pointers.
  7. He would normally have answered that with honouring s75 that's been their warcry but couldn't do that spin in a court so shows the rubbish they been telling us.The bespoke is a smokescreen they invented and are hiding behind I hope it gets blown away. They wanted all us to sign up to a company blindly without any thought or consideration just obey them shut up and pay up sussed that out at the start. I will be very surprised if this goes against you Fuzz as if it had been straightforward you'd probably have been told there and then I imagine. Hope you get your good news soon this has
  8. Hi Fuzz, Good for you Hopefully the judge will see exactly what's going on here. You have been brilliant and whatever happens you tried your best and I for one am grateful for everything you've done. I read here that as you are defending yourself the court is more considerate . Hopefully the outcome will be in your favour. Boy bet you're exhausted. Will you just get the outcome sent to you? and that'll be the end of it? Have a good rest you've earned it :
  9. Exactly 10pack good questions, I asked the guy if he had been notified he said no:-o Could be just scare tactics as usual I was more interested in the write off debt sale that was on someones statement they had involved their MP but looks like that may be sold on. 10pack the whole kitten caboodle from the start of this totally stinks and we all know it
  10. That's what it looks like the person had requested a statement prior to seeing this at the bottom of the page. The dca's have been there all along 10pack so it'll be a status quo of continued ignoring from me although I have not received any notification of this personally. but if they do sell on the debt then t will show in their books as cleaned out wouldn't it?
  11. Has anyone had any letters from B u know who? lately someone has had a letter saying Write off Debt Sale their balance is £0.00 it appears they have sold on this debt to a dca as someone else had the same followed a week later by a letter from Moorcroft. I just heard someone had like me the interest added making the sum over £11,000 (while we were in dispute btw) but has received a letter saying they owe £4000ish that would be the original debt before interest. Anyone think perhaps Bfp is getting their house in order prior to Fuzz's case? just a thought
  12. Think your right 10pack they must think we're all stupid and although they are not transparent we can see right through them.
  13. also Fuzz they've not made it clear in their offer that you could have " with no limit on the period of time you require to finish your studies'." how much this would cost as Computeach i'm sure would be delighted at having a no limit to length of time at their rates of £'s That little fact is conveniently left out. Forgetting you've already paid. details no doubt to be disclosed at a later date. another question would be why do they keep moving the goalposts to fit.
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