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  1. no update tried everything and every angle possible but had no luck whatsoever had to sell my house to pay them off and now in rented accommodation thanks to these b******rds lost everything
  2. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/blemain-finance-harpmanor-limitied-and-cheshire-mortgages-stop-repossessions-unfair-relationships-and-extorionate-charges
  3. join the club mate I took a loan out for £105k paid back over £160k and still owe over £100k I been to all the relevant authorities and even had some solicitors on the case but been 8 years still no luck!
  4. Hi guys like many others I have had problems with this company and still have. Its left me and my family in a very bad state aswell as being depressed and very ill I would like everyone suffering to help make a stand against them and make ALL the relevant authorities aware I have started the petition and drafted it with a few points if someone can help me add some valid points and and emails to where to send the petition hopefully this may help us all if we get enough complaints and emails out https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/blemain-finance-harpmanor-limitied-and-cheshire-mortgages-stop-repossessions-unfair-relationships-and-extorionate-charges
  5. hi wp any updates on your case and if possible can you pm me with your legal teams details please
  6. hi bit of an update to this situation they did not evict me but i did put a formal complaint in regarding the way i was treated and dealt with on this matter. I recieved a letter saying they apologise and agree the agent was wrong and could of presented a softer aproach and wrong for disconnecting the phone on me. and also apologising for for contradictory information i was given from their agents its a bout 3 pages long full of apologies etc and at the end of it they have offered me £100 for a full and final settlement to the complain i made ? do i sign and accept any advice on this please?
  7. hi ive just got off the phone with them and i spoke to shawn in the creditmanagement team who told me the account is no longer with the evictions team and is now uptodate with them. Also there is a note showing on the system they requested cancellation of eviction with their solicitors this morning at 8.46am
  8. thanks ill go do this in the morning i really dont want them voming to the house as the tenants are already terified and upset ive promised them nothing will happen i was'nt aware that these idiots are going to drag this on like this eventhough they have had all the money too thanks for the info ill go to court once ive spoke to kensington at 9am
  9. Hi I have a mortgage with kensington i fell behind with the mortgage due to non paying tenants etc etc last october kensington sent me an eviction notice to which i paid part of the arrears and made an arrangement with them to pay the rest off then i fell behind with the mortgage again and could'nt stick to the previous arrangement anyhow ive got an eviction notice for tommorow the 14th of march 12.00pm i have been phoning kensington for the past two weeks first off (customer service) told me to pay the full arrears and gave me their account details etc. then i tried to make an arrangement to pay part of the arrears and pay the rest off in a few installments. Iwas told that this should be ok they wanted my income and expenses to which i gave them they also wanted the tenancy agreement. upon giving them all the information asked for i was then put through to a person who said she is the evictions consultant and literally interogated me on the phone her tone was not right and was very unhelpful she told me they cannot do an arrangement with me and i had to pay the full arrears £3200! i asked her if i could speak to someone senior but she siad shes the highest it gets would not give me the managers details etc etc Anyhow i told her i will pay the arrears in full by getting the money off a family member(uncle). to which she replied inorder for me to do this i will need to prove the source from where the money is coming from ie a letter saying i have been gifted the money and my uncle gifting the money has no financial interest in my property. After doing this i faxed and emailed it over 5 times to which they denied recieving it! i phoned them up again she told me they havent recieved anything i asked her politely saying please hold the line ill quickly sent it again as it takes 20 minutes getting through the same women said we are busy dont have time to hold and disconnected the phone!!! eventually on friday morning they said they have recieved it and will get back to me after ringing them several times Again i got through to the evictions team (once i was even told i cant talk to them until eviction has taken place) i then complained about the lady who was dealing with it and spoke to the manager and requested for someone else to deal with me anyhow they put me through to another consultant who said the letter from my uncle is not good enough they want proof to see where he is getting the money from before i can pay them, to which i told them im not sure he has some savings and has recently been paid from an insurance company or something (really it has nothing to do with them!!) anyhow i sent them his bank statement yesterday showing he had funds in his account after phoning a few times again to see if they have recieved it i got no answer from the evictions team and was told ill get a call back i was called yesterday morning saying they have recieved the statement and it was ok for me to put the money in thier account. i put the money into their account and cleared the full arrears with an extra £40 this was yesterday morning. i phoned in the evening an was told the systems are slow nothing was showing as yet. now 5pm yesterday i rang them this morning asking to speak to the evictions team the customer service chap told me their line is busy and will call me back a few hours went by i phoned again was told the same thing again i asked if my money was showing the chap replied yes he can see the funds but will get the evictions team to ring me Iget a phone call at 4pm today saying the statements i provided show no money being withdrawn from my uncles account as the statement was dated up until 26th feb they said if he gave me the money yesterday i need to show them he withdrew it yesterday!! i told them he had the cash at home and paid i dont know when he withdrew it from his account but they are now saying the eviction is still in place until i dont show them this proff the eviction will still take place at 12pm tommorow ???????? i thought if there is no arrears there is no eviction they have the full money in their account can they actually do this??? i also asked my uncle whos saying he had leant the money to his friend and transferred it into his account he then took it back off him and gave me it!! how do i go about this can they take this house off me tommorow even if there is no arrears i also told them i will pay them a direct debit for all future payments but they are such [EDIT - PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PERSONAL ABUSE]s wont help at all gave me nothing but stress! and now even more!! please someone help or adive me here
  10. hi guys just an update with this tried a few different solicitors wasted more money! some even want money just to look at it anyhow in the mean while i raised a complain with harpmanor in august 2011 they said they will write to me within 8 weeks. I recieved a letter on 16th Decemeber alongside the agreement and a statement showing how much money i had paid them in total which is £136,841.11. Also they had noticed some mistakes and incorrect charges to which they have refunded me £1725 My curent interest rate is 23.4% and since i have not paid my loan back in the agreed term (12 months) i have incurred renewal fees and keep incurring these until the load is redeemed in full! anyhow after borrowing £105k paying £136k back they now want another £100k to settle :( i keep getting eviction letters and end up paying on the last minute to stay in my house! After speaking with wp3 off here who is a great guy and also has dealings with this company and so do many others! i phoned FOS to complain about all the charges etc the chap on the phone said they dont even know who harpmanor limited is!! Anyhow they are going to send me a letter and i have to send them a copy of all the paper work i have see what happens now! also will be approaching some other solicitors who have had dealings with blemain before stressed out with this company!
  11. hi guys not getting anywhere with this nothing but stress! does anyone know a good solicitors firm who has had some dealings with blemain?? i know cccl did but they no longer exist anyone else pleaseeeee?
  12. hi guys finally got my orignal contract through the post today its dated 24.09.07 is there anything in particular i need to be looking at on this and also can some one recommend me a good law firm who will look through this for me to see if we can challenge it i have noticed it does say at the bottom the borrower has no right to of cancellation under the consunmer credit act 1974.the timeshare act 1992 or the financial services (distance marketing) regulations 2004. the lenders main business is secured lending and it holds a consumer credit licence no 187588 issued by the oft does this mean im screwed?
  13. hi does anyone have a template for section 77/78 consumer credit act request i cant seem to find it on the forum its asking me to register to view library posts? do i have to register again
  14. right guys sorry for the delay in replying i have still not recieved the original contract do you think they have something to hide? As for the letter i wrote i got a reply from howard laddin ( dont have a copy of it to hand as ive gave it to my solicitors) but basically the add renewal charges were due to me not paying it off within the agreed 12 months term so every year they are charging me. Im going to find the template for section 77/78 consumer credit act request and send them this as my solicitors advice me to do this too.
  15. just got back from the solicitors he said the charges are way too high he can request a breakdown for them and probably reduce then but he needs a copy of the original contract to see exactly what ive signed for before he can tell me if there is anything that can be done etc which is understandable. Ive rang them 4 times requesting this even rang them today she said it normally takes 14 days to get it from their archive department i told her ive been waiting over a month all i got was "ill chase it up for you as sometimes it can take longer" guess ill have to wait for the original contract
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