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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. i will do the survey and no probs on the donation when the money hits the account. Hope everyone else gets there results through as quick, emailing direct has helped speed the service up, plus the looming court date that i wont cancel until i have the funds, will post when the cash hits, but off on holiday happy, just hope it HITS the account whilst im away, that will make me real HAPPY!! Thanks for the help gill
  3. thanks for all your help, i have managed to deal with them this morning regarding the letter and they are eager to settle this out of court. they have emailed through a letter which is pasted below -- Without Prejudice Confidential and Privileged Dear Sir and Madam Thank you for your email of 29 June 2006. The Bank is willing to make an updated offer of settlement on the following basis: 1. The amount of your claim, £2,802.49, will be credited to your joint account. 2. You must maintain your joint account within your current limit, and any new limit agreed wi
  4. just the signed by................ dated .................. no reference to the conditions that they have advised on the front page!!
  5. i tried to add on to the last thread but i couldnt find how to do this?? BIG SORRY They have offered me 2802.49, so im willing to settle on this but there letter looks odd?? everything is typed on one page, then on the second page of the letter is the area that we sign, but there is no reference to what we are signing to and there is no link to the front page of the letter!! so what they could do, is link the second page of this letter to another letter and say we accepted what ever they wanted really, like i said its hard to explain, i can scan the letter in, but not sure how to co
  6. What gets at me is no where in my email did i advise that i agree to there terms ???? my email to them was ---- Without Prejudice Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for the letter dated 4th July 2006. I am willing to settle on £**** if the amount is received in our joint account on or before the **th July 2006. After this date we will be away and will not be-able to deal with any correspondence until after the ** July 2006. Could you advise by return of email today if you are willing to do this, if you are, on receipt of cleared funds I will send a cancellation letter to t
  7. They said to me that they where defending the claim, i am at the end stage now where they are trying to get me to sign agreements with them, hold on tight, it does get bumpy, but depends on the solicors that they use, email them when you get offers etc, but remember to always put the without prejudice on either emails or letters, that way they cant use in court, ever letter so far from the solicotor has had this on, and every email i have responded back to them, as letters are slow, no need for a solicotor at this stage as they are playing with you
  8. received letter from the banks solicotors this morning offering neally what i asked for so i think yipppppppeeeee so i emailed the solicotors and addvised them, if the amount goes in our bank before close of business on friday i will be willing to aggree and send the letter to the courts as they have already set the date of the court case there response was --- Thank you for your email of today. We are pleased that you are willing to settle this matter on the terms set out in our letter of 4 July 2006. However, please note that the refund of the amount of your claim can not
  9. so is it best to take this amount or carry on with the case, just been to change our accounts to somewhere else, i havent used our overdraft for over 2yrs, but you never know when you will need it, is there any other letters that people have sent?? they also say in the letter that Please note that the bank can noy reconcile your claim with the figures it has on record. The sum that is offered represents the actual amount of charges levied on your account blablabla. the calcualation excludes both overdraft interest and monthly fees as you are not entitled to include these charges i
  10. Looks like i received the standard letter through offering to settle out of court my claim is for £2800 plus costs, they have offered me £1742.01 i think the penny is a joke, but the letter advises me that without prejudice and confidential and privileged........LOL i have read others on the forum about what happens next, so i did expect the letter. if i sign this they have won, i want the money back they have charged me, so unfair as i was very ill when this happened over 2years ago. What does the forum advise me to do regarding the letter, i am in the process of switching accounts as
  11. Just to let everyone know that i have received my allocation questionnaire!! another 100.00 pounds well spent. Just to be naughty, i have used my lloydstsb cheque book on this one, will make sure the funds are there to pay for it...hehehe some are saying that they get offers from banks/sol what is the best way to deal with them!! thanks gillian
  12. as the solictor sent the letter, i didnt know if i had to send them the information ie what dates i was charged the amounts or anything. just going through people threads to get myself ready for the battle, but ive been in court once before (with a friend) so i know what im letting myself !!!! Just need to get in moved closer to home, luckily we have mag and crown in our town, but ill keep everyone posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. do i need to file a particulars of claim? thanks gillian
  14. did the normal email letter and received the standard back. Filed claim online and received a response back saying that they where going defend the case. martineau johnson of london will be dealing with t he claim. came back from lovely bank holiday away to letter of the solicotors. i dont know if this is a standard letter but it says northampton county court?? how can i ask it to be changed to a court near me?? The letter is 2 pages long and goes on about -- 1. the defendant lloyds tsb is a bank it is admitted that the claimant has been a customer of the bank at all material
  15. received letter over the bank holiday advising that they are defending the case!!! Just cleaning the suit off ready to attend court, i knew if i wanted to file, then id probably end up in court, just going to add my details to the forum so it may help others
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