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  1. Have these been removed? I will try again tomorrow in work and convert them to PDF files. I only have access to my phone after work. Jim
  2. I think I might have already done this. I asked for a SAR to see if they could provide a copy of the original signed CCA and they couldn't (see attached) and told me the debt was unenforceable. They then wrote to me saying they shouldn't have sent it. - what they really meant was they shouldn't have told me! They enclosed a copy of the MBNA balance but it was just all charges at the end. I have attached the last page. I genuinely don't remember it being that high. Jim Other attachments.
  3. I have on one of their letters. I will do it first thing tomorrow. Many Thanks Jim
  4. I can find nothing from that time about who I informed of the COA. I never thought I'd need it. I don't think I ever received a claim form. Is there somewhere I could get it from? I have some letters from their solicitors, Shoosmiths? They say the CCJ is for £7250 but they now want £8050 - they have added money on for some reason. Would the court have added money on? Apologies, I'm not helping much as I don't have much to go on. Jim
  5. Hi Andy Yes I'm in Ni now and I believe the judgement was given at Belfast County Court. The Enforcement of Judgements office rang me to come for an interview at their office, basically told me what it was about and advised me to get in touch with the PRA group to sort it. That's when I sent the request for the original agreement which they couldn't do. They then sent me a further letter saying they made a mistake sending that letter. I didnt know who PRA Group where so I couldn't let them know of the COA. I could have informed the last owner which was another company
  6. I found out in 2018 that I had a Ccj taken out against me in May 15 by the PRA group. It relates to an old MBNA credit card that I had taken out years before in 2006. I was unaware of the Ccj for over 2 years as it was sent to an old address or never sent. I pretty much ignored it when I found out about it as I was caring for my elderly mother at the time and hadn't the time to fight with them. In 2018 I was contacted by the Enforcement of Judgements Office in Northern Ireland and interviewed about the debt. This then made me look into it further.
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