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  1. Thanks for all your help! I'll keep this thread updated!
  2. Thanks, will definitely read through that. One more thing: does the fact that they have referred it to a debt collection agency mean they have a CCJ or not?
  3. HI everyone. Could do with a little help, if anyone has the time.. I worked in the UK for a few years and had a credit card. Upon leaving (for Australia), the balance was 0 and I tried to close it but it was a lot of hassle for various reasons. Before I got it closed, I ran into financial trouble and had to use it, running up around 3600 pounds. In Australia, I made payments on it but never managed to reduce it by much.. now, I haven't made payments in 1.5 years. I heard from them in March 2009 and tried to write to them but they didn't respond. I didn't hear from them again until last mo
  4. Thanks for your replies. 1. I thought that bankruptcy was still an option if it was three years since you left the UK, which I am still within. 2. I am not trying to avoid/escape my debts. I thought I was clear about that - I am trying to work out a solution - which is hard when I am unemployed.
  5. Hi everyone. I am new to this site and finding it very helpful so far. Here is a quick rundown of my problem: I worked in London from around May 2005 to July 2007. In October 2006 I got an M&S Money credit card. Between that time and July 2007, I used it a lot and was near my maximum, however I paid large chunks on it and paid it off completely in August 2007. I called M&S Money to close it when I left the country and they told me I couldn't close it until I had paid it off. There was $100 on it from a place in London that was charged to my card after I had left the country, so it
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