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  1. Hello guys, I have got a response from their solicitor. They said the following; 1) It is noted that you ADMIT you have in the past had financial dealings with barclaycard bla bla 2) They have requested the documents In conclusion, they said ''Whilst we are awaiting receipt of the requested documentation, we remain mindful of the obligation upon parties to consider dispute. We would be therefore like to invite you to consider any proposals you may have to resolve this amicably, and would be grateful if you could complete and return I & E endorsed with a suitable p
  2. Just finished adapting it. I will send it in few minutes. Cheers
  3. 1) Does PD means Practice Direction? 2) Undated notice of assignment? Paragraph 2? It was dated in POC Cheers
  4. I do owe them sum money. It has dropped from my file but i still pay little money to original creditor about 2 years ago. Does this change anything?
  5. Thanks so much. The defence appears to be 'playing safe' kind of defence. Their solicitor is Shoosmiths LLP
  6. I have done the following: 1) I have acknowledge the claim intending to contest the debt 2) I have make SAR to Original creditor which through Royal mail recorded delivery which is still NOT delivered 3) I have requested the documents from Claimant under sections 77-79 with a postal order of £1 and they have replied that they dont have the documents but have requested from original creditor and hope to get it within 40 days. 4) I also wrote the Claimant's solicitor but no response yet. Thank you so much
  7. Cheers. I have logged on. It allowed me to state my defence online. The particulars of claim is as follows; 1) The claimant claims the sum of £XXX being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a regulated agreement between the defendant and Original creditor( 3333333) and assigned to the claimant on 22/02/2014, notice of which has been provided for the defendant. 2) The defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the consumer credit Ac
  8. Hello, Debt Recovery company raised a claim against me. It was dated 24th November. I have acknowledged the claim and ready to contest it . I make CPR request etc but only got a letter that they dont have the documents in their possession but have requested from original creditor. It appears i have missed defence date by few days. Please what can i do? Cheers
  9. Good morning. I checked my credit score last night and found that a default was placed on my account last year by Barclays bank. I have 2 accounts with them which i opened over 10 years ago. I have overdraft facility of £400 on this particular account. Which i used regularly and pay bla bla bla. Few years ago, my wages dont go to that account so i hardly even access the account. The amount is £300 which i can afford to pay. Is there any tactics i can use to pay this and remove the default from my record? Thanks
  10. Could this affected all customers who took loan from them for the last few years?
  11. Cheers. I spoke to them and they gave 2 options; 1) If i pay £80 a month for the next 6 months, the money will be cleared and all back to normal or 2) I send them a budget sheet. we will agreed a small amount but the account will be closed permanently. My fear is the default which will affect my credit file which i am trying hard to clean up.
  12. So if i speak to barclays. i can resolved this.
  13. 1) I received the judgement 7 days after the hearing and have only 7 days to comply. I did not just have that money. 2) I should be able to get the money before 28days. I just dont want a situation where i TRY so much and still have my name registered as ccj.
  14. Thanks. Is it still 28days if the Judge directed that the money be paid within 14 days?
  15. Thanks. Do i need to inform the court of payment or the onus is on claimant to do that?
  16. I lost a case recently and the Judge ask me to pay within 14days. Who register people on the ccj. Is it claimant or court? When is the deadline to avoid ccj? Cheers
  17. I have a number of accounts with barclays. On this particular one, i have £400 overdraft which now a debt of £470 due to interest etc. I received letters last week titled '' Your facilities have now been withdrawn '' . I just dont have money to clear this off. Does that mean a default had been registered on my name? Can i just start paying some money on this account for a while until is is cleared? Cheers
  18. Thanks for your response. I cannot lay my hand on the actual defence but its the normal one we give in CAG. I tried to log in back to Moneyclaim but cannot just do that. I saved the defence somewhere but cannot just get it.
  19. Hello Folks, The case is listed for hearing very soon. I need to file my witness statement immediately. ~ The agreement was in 2003. ~ There are a number of unfair charges therein(late payment of £12, sometimes £14) ~ It is a store card I will appreciate any help. Thanks
  20. Thanks. 1) I have sent a defence since (with help of this great forum) 2) It was october 2003 agreement. 3) I paid April this year.
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