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  1. I have recieved a letter from an inter- credit consultants regarding a non sorn'd motorbike which we did sorn and have the notifacation for, we are assuming the fine is now for this year as we have not yet recieved the re newal notice. Our problem lies with inter credit as the letters they have sent have gone to the wrong address i have phoned them and said that i dont live at said address and if they were working on behalf of the dvla they would have the right address They are refusing to speak to me saying that they will now send the letters to the right address and i still have to
  2. Not sure about the death certificate as far as I'm aware one has been passed to the solicitor. The only thing we have come across since the death of the other executor is because some of the assets are in a different country and probate was started there with 2 executors we have needed to approach the solicitor to act as an overseer to make sure the remaining executor doesn't do anything untoward. I personally don't know the whys and wherefores of all of this as I'm only a beneficiary so don't have much to do with the sorting it out all i knew at the time was that as the eldest i was
  3. Hi William Little, yes probate is moving along nicely now as the executor who was causing all the hassle is no longer with us, our solicitor was informed of his death when the executor who was doing everything wanted to know why various forms hadn't been signed. Not the way everyone wanted things to turn out as everyone is deeply shocked at his death, but now things do seem to be moving though his wife now seems to think she can step into his shoes and demand things are done her way But heyhoo nowt as queer as folk eh Thanks for everyones help
  4. Thank you Hightail i will be seeking a solicitors advise soon.
  5. I am the eldest of 3 beneficiaries and subsequently i have been nominated to ask one of the executors who is extremely unapproachable to render and account of the administration of the estate. There are 2 executors, one of whom is in my eyes doing his best to sort things out, but no matter what he does the other has contested or challenged causing the other executor to have to stop what he is doing and seek advice. So my question is..... are there any letter templates to help me write this letter as i am really struggling And can the other executor be removed for mismanagement
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