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  1. We owe £14.20, they're saying 164.20 and not taking into account the first 3 months £50 standing order payments. I emailed copies of the standing orders, we got that from the bank yesterday, and have payment out showing initial deposit too. Again, thanks!
  2. The rental agreement is the same as the terms and conditions, with a signature line at the bottom of it. We were told we could rent for 6 months then carry on payments until balance cleared,over the phone. We did this, but now being told it was just rental. I'm as confused as the next person, and will probably just pay up and be done without the worry of it all.
  3. Wife was sent it, she signed and returned.
  4. Hi, so after back and forth emails this is what is going on. We initially agreed to 6 months rental, then carry on payments to pay for piano in full, as in section 8 of the agreement, they've allowed this towards total cost, though it looks like we're just on a rental contract and not rent/buy which is annoying, our bank missed a payment, but we've made in total 11 payments plus deposit, and now just shy of total cost by a few pounds, if banks missed payment had gone through we would have overpaid. But I can't see a way out, it's our word again't theirs, they're not taking in
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'll get the CCA request sorted, it's looking like they're saying we're still renting the piano and not rent to buy which isn't what was initially agreed, though no paperwork to prove. Last call they said they would email details of payments though nothing yet. Thanks again.
  6. This is all we have!
  7. No statements, and will did out the agreement, it's with UK pianos I believe.
  8. Uk Pianos in London.
  9. Hi all hope you can offer some advice. My wife signed up for a 6 month rent to buy scheme for a piano, after the 6 months we kept the payments going to cover the total cost of the piano, in fact we've paid over the total amount. This was agreed with the company. Were now getting calls, after 7pm mainly! asking for money, last call the guy even hung up on my wife, accusing us of not contacting them after the 6 months, which is completely untrue, we were always told they'll get this person to ring back. we have bank statements to prove payments but this seems to be
  10. I also am guessing with that amount of methanol, he'll be exceeding the 2500litre yearly production for taxation purposes! I have emailed the environment agency, though will ring Monday. My other issue is I occasionally use a grinder and welder in my garage, don't like the idea of all of that next to me. This would also explain why he wanted to extend his garage over his driveway, no room left in his, it's a shared driveway and I objected to it.
  11. Hi . hope someone can help, apologise if this is in the wrong section. My neighbour makes biodiesel, never really bothered me, until today when my wife told me he had 4 barrels of methanol delivered on two pallets, looked online and confirmed they aer 205litres each, delivered by a big truck , thing is, we live in a small cul de sac on a housing estate, his garage joins mine, he has extended behind my garage, and its next to a kids play park and a footpath away from my house. Surely there must be a limit on how much you can store at home? As I said it never
  12. Hi In todays high winds,our neighbour opened her car door and it blew open and damaged the rear bumper on mine,my wife just so happened to be outside when it happened thank goodness. Now they are happy to sort this without involving the insurance companys,but my neighbours husband said it was pointless going through insurance because it would be seen as an act of god and would have to go 50/50 with our insurance,though he is quite happy to pay for the repairs out of his own pocket,and me being in the trade can "get the parts cheap:frown:". Is this true? thanks in advance graham
  13. Well well, I get a letter saying I have a tax refund from the hmrc, because I have been out of work for the last 9 months! My p60 is due here delivered by hand in 30 mins, we'll see!
  14. Ive been in the motor trade for 20 years now, and please dont think I'm doubting your original post but every deisel engine I have done an oil change on, once run up it'll be black, drive it 10 miles it'll look like the old oil.petrol engine is different. Just my experiences.
  15. Thanks for the replies,interesting reading for sure! Im based down in Devon,I worked there from end july2012 to end may 2013. I worked full time,40 hours a week,and took no holiday. Now I have just realised,I did badger him for wage slips at the beginning of the year,due to me renewing my mortgage,after many many hours he eventually did some there and then in front of me,all containing the same figures. It is a small business,with only 3 of us on the shop floor,one guy who has been there over 2 years has never had any pay slips,he has just quit too,and is leaving at the end of this month
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