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  1. Thanks ims21 for quick response. I can remember receiving a letter from someone in the first instance when I couldn't keep up with my payments but cannot remember if it was Progressive Credit or not. Anyway, whoever it was I soon batted them away lol. I can now pay off 2 credit card companies - nearly free of debt. Donation coming soon.
  2. I put in a claim for mis-sold PPI to Royal Bank of Scotland. The FOS got involved and they have said RBS will refund my PPI. I had a letter today from RBS with a cheque for over £2,000. I'm happy with this amount as I've done my own calculations. However, I'm a bit confused as I still owe £1,000 and I'm on a lower payment scheme. Surely, they would have wiped the debt out and then sent me the rest? In the bumph they sent they said I should pay off the debt so can't understand why they haven't taken it off in the first place. It's laughably really because in their letter it said they know the FOS has written to me to tell me to accept their offer. The FOS did write to me but they didn't tell me to accept it! RBS also said they incorrectly made this offer on behalf of Progressive Credit but shouldn't have done but as a gesture of goodwill they will still pay me!! I'm definitely going to pay all the debt off but cannot understand why they have sent me all my money back ... any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  3. Had a letter from the FOS - apparently HFC are going to make me an offer. FOS have said interest will be included but it will probably take about 8 weeks so be patient. Will update this thread when I receive the offer. Gobsmacked!
  4. http://www.rethink.org/living_with_mental_illness/everyday_living/work/applying_for_jobs.html
  5. I've contacted CPP but they've told me I have to get in touch with my credit card company. However, if CPP sell it to you direct then you have to get in touch with them.
  6. Regarding definitions of disability, take a look at this. http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/advice-and-guidance/your-rights/disability/ Have you an Unemployed Workers Organisation or Welfare Rights in your area? If so, give them a ring and they will give you a complete benefit check to see what you are entitled to. There's also CAB as well. It sounds to me that you are a disabled person so I would apply for DLA (under 65 years of age.) If you do apply I would get someone professional to do it as the forms are very long. People tend to underplay the issues that they have so you might not put everything down. Don't be put off by the length of the form as you can do it in stages. In the meantime, I would suggest you write down everything that you have difficulty doing for a couple of weeks and then it will give you an idea. Tips on How to fill a DLA form in. www.dls.org.uk/.../filling...DLA_forms/ Might be worth joining an MS Online Support Group as well. Good Luck!
  7. Hi I've had a Barclay's Credit Card which I was paying £29 - £35 per year for card protection. After reading up about it and finding that this insurance policy wasn't needed because you are covered by the bank anyway, I was thinking of reclaiming. I cancelled my policy in 2010 as I just couldn't afford to pay it any more. After looking through some old documents the only thing I can find is a letter from CPP (York) in 2010 saying that my policy has now been cancelled. I've also found a renewal notice letter from Barclaycard but it has Sentinel Gold (2008) on it. If I was to reclaim who do I get in touch with? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks - thought it might have changed since then but apparently not.
  9. Hi could you tell me is there a law that says a GP has to see a patient in x amount of days/weeks? My neighbour has tried to get an appointment with his GP and cannot get in until the new year!
  10. Hi Could anyone tell me - if a person has a choice of taking redundancy or accepting their employers offer of going into a redundancy pool can they find out who will be in the pool beforehand? Also, does there have to be a minimum amount of people in the pool or is that up to the pooling criteria of the employers?
  11. Sorry replied to quick. Yes I followed the advice on here. I know HFC asked me to fill in one of their questionnaires but it was all geared towards them and there wasn't much I could put down so refused to fill it in. I get updates from the FOS but they have been so inundated that it will probably be Spring next year when I find out.
  12. I sent a letter to Marbles first who passed it to HFC. I had to chase it up. They asked for more info which I supplied. HFC sent a final response and I then took it to FOS... where it's been since March.
  13. Hi thank you for your repsonses. The ppi is with Marbles. It went to the FOS because HFC turned my claim down saying it was a non advisory sale. I still want to pay one credit card account off. Thank you for the info on Full and Final Settlement but I just want it off my back. It will make me feel so much better but wanted to prepare myself for the others having a go.
  14. Yes. I am wanting to pay off the outstanding amount of one credit card that I am in debt with but will the others come after me if I do that without splitting it between the others.
  15. Hi On my credit report it states all are 'satisfactory' except one says 'one late payment'. I haven't reclaimed any penalty charges as yet. Regarding 'full and final settlement' I think I just want to get one monkey off my back so I'm a bit loathe to negotiate with a final settlement I'm afraid. I just want it over with as quick as possible but thank you for the information any way. Would the others come after me?
  16. Apologies but I don't know what the abbreviation means
  17. Hi I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I will be in receipt of a sum of money that will pay off one of my credit card debts. I am in debt with 3 credit cards and I'm on a lower payment plan. One of them I've put in a mis-sold PPI claim but there is a long wait with the FOS so not expecting the verdict until next year so I don't really want to pay this one off. What I would like to know is . . if I pay off one of the credit card bills it will leave me with a bit more money in my pocket at the end of the month which will really be handy as things are tight. If I distribute it between them it won't benefit me. Therefore, if I just pay one off will it be flagged up and the others come running? Things are calm at the moment so don't want to wave a red flag so to speak. Thank you in advance.
  18. Hi it is in our employees handbook but we have been asked for feedback on what we think. So will it depend on what your employer wants you to do? Regards
  19. Hi If you work part time do you have to tell your employer that you have a second job? Thank you.
  20. Hi Could anyone tell me if someone claims back their PPI will it affect their pension credit? If they do get their PPI back can the recipient ask for the cheque to be signed over to someone else ie a family member? Thank you in advance.
  21. Yes, it has occurred to me this might be the case - thank you.
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