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  1. Hi guys, We moved out of our existing flat about a month ago and still haven't got our deposit back due to a cracked window in the bathroom (See Picture: http://i.imgur.com/sJ138.jpg) They want to charge us about £150 for this damage. We feel that this type of crack is not our fault as there is no direct impact damage and really just looks like old houses/wooden window panes shifting causing a crack in the glass. What do you guys think and what are our chances of winning this dispute? The actual window: http://i.imgur.com/0fGch.jpg
  2. Hi all, I live in a house with multiple contracts with the landlord, and I have an individual contract with the landlord - so does others. The house is definitely in need of a few repairs but I've had a peek at the paper work and could only find paperwork for a check in 2006. What are my legal rights on this? Who can I talk to? It is 4pm and I'm freezing!!! Thanks Tony
  3. Unfortunately the boiler is locked away. (Although we know where the keys are hidden)
  4. He has turned off the boiler on certain times with a timer installed (which controls the hot water and heating). Hence only cold water comes out during the day and the house is absolutely freezing. Isn't this illegal and against H&S standards? He owns and manages a couple of houses and does not live in the house.
  5. Hi guys, My landlord has been complaining about the utility bills (since it's all inclusive as per our contracts) and he has been turning off the heating and hot water. We currently do not have hot water during the day which means we can not have showers or wash our dishes at all as the water is icy cold. Is this legal?
  6. Yeah, I'll speak to my other flatmates about possibly doing that. In the mean time, I'll just lock my room door to protect my valuables.... who knows what kind of people will walk through our doors nowadays while I'm at work.
  7. Thanks - thought that would be the unfortunate case. It really appears that there is not a lot I can do except locking my personal room doors. (not that will stop people from knocking on my bedroom door while I'm asleep on a Saturday morning). I think I'll follow up my email to him to see his response. Many thanks again.
  8. My tenancy started on 15th May 2008 It was agreed to be six month minimum contract and rolling thereafter. If the Tenant stays on after the end of the fixed Term, his tenancy will continue but will run from month to month (a ‘periodic tenancy’). This periodic tenancy can be ended by the Tenant giving at least one month’s written notice from the 28th of the current month to the Landlord the notice to expire at the end of a rental period. The periodic tenancy may be superseded by the Landlord at any time by offering the Tenant another fix term contract. I pay rent on a monthly basis via standing order.
  9. Since it is my landlord breaking the TA first, despite my emails to him without replies. Am I allowed to move out and not need to give the required 4 week notice while expect my bond to be returned in full?
  10. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I have looked into my contract and it clearly states 24 hour notice except in emergencies. I have written my landlord a very nice, civil email asking him to give notice. If this is still not achieved, what are my rights? Am I allowed to withdraw rent, etc? Thanks
  11. Hi, My landlord is selling the house and recently, he has given the keys to the real estate agent for viewings. We have been getting constant viewings without our permission and even sometimes in the mornings where we had to get out of the bed because they were knocking on our room doors. What are our legal rights for these viewings? Thanks
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