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  1. don't have to attend if its all paid off though do I? has judgement will be satisfied
  2. yes did all that but they're still wanting proof and I suspect as the debt at that time was over 3k - I think they were trying to put a charge on my house but cant do that now as debt is under 1k.
  3. I have an hearing on Jan 29th - was charged a further fee of £50 for this application - I have now managed to obtain funds - family and selling stuff on ebay to be in position to repay the outstanding balance of £760. My question is - can this hearing be then cancelled ? will the other party try and claim more costs on top ? - This debt was nearly £8,000 and in a year I have sold goods, belongings, jewellery and £2,000 from my Mum and also used some of my student finance hardship fund and sold my touring caravan to pay - yet still I have been hounded dispite the court only ordering me to pay £20 a month.
  4. Wife does not want to sell but cant buy him out - next year his boys will be 18 & 19 so no reason for her to continue living in home - house is worth 260K mortgage is £85k so yes he could pay off his debts but court will have to force sale. I had this with my ex took me 3 yrs to force sale as he continually ignored consent order made by court.
  5. hiya he wont have any income I will be supporting him on my student finance which is just enough to cover all my bills and mortgage. So in respect his income will be nil.
  6. yes he joint owner of a house his wife still lives in - he wants it sold as part of divorce to get his half share.
  7. my bf is giving up his job next year to care for our Daughter full time ( he lives 300 miles away) I am a full time student. He has three credit cards which he owes nearly 20k - currently paying them at rate of £1,800 a month. I owe my own house and car and he will be reliant on me which I am cool with. What would he tell the credit card companies and what would happen as his income will be nil and he has a joint interest in house with Wife - divorce going ahead next year. Will he send need to send a letter to them three months in advance of him leaving job.
  8. family member - I have a ccj for £7 k ( Jan 2014) - paid off 4k off it - this family member clearly thinks I have money I am single parent on benefits and now a full time student. In September I was called to DWP ( compliance interview) to be informed an email was sent saying I had assets and 30k of savings- I was shown the email and quite clearly it was sent by thus family member - it mentioned court hearing. Next thing I get calls from reporters ( she sold her story to magazines and Mirror) I put phone down and say no comment. Last night at 9 pm a court official I believe - calls and hands me N39 - to attend court to ask how I paid for My Daughter christening last month. This is surely a breach of my human rights and was a religion occasion attended by close family with carvery afterwards. I am now thinking Birthdays and Christmas for My Daughter will be called to court all the time and I am questioned over this. I have paid a considerable amount of this debt and paying a fixed monthly amount which is more than court suggested. What can I do????
  9. I am sick to death of all this already produced income and outgoings when I attended court in June. When does all this crap stop. Am I not allowed to private family life - what will happen with birthdays and Christmas ??? will I be asked to attend court and produce evidence as to how I afforded toys for my baby.
  10. It a family member - the same solicitor handled my ex husband divorce so this other family member used same solicitor - she obviously thinks I have money.
  11. Just had a county court official on doorstep who given me a order to attend court for questioning. I am already paying this debt at £50 a month and I am a full time single parent student - one of the questions I am been asked is how did I pay for my Daughter christening last month and can I produce receipts? My mother actually paid for most of it and I sold some of my Daughters clothing and equipment to pay towards cake and other expenses. Is this not an infringement of my rights. This beggars belief.
  12. car is two yrs old citroen picasso - debt on it is still £3k left to pay - valued at approx. £8k - HP with citroen
  13. ccj - civil case - jan 2014 - £8 k nearly applied for redetrimintion hearing - attended march & June told Judge I could sell an old caravan and some other items - table & chairs and jewellery managed to pay off £5,000 since April - offered £20 a month for balance - claimant solicitor's not happy with £20 a month threatening me with HCEO - and charging order I have exhausted all avenues to sell stuff and pay off a large amount £2 k was borrowed off my mum who a pensioner my car Is on finance and is my only way of getting to and from university 56 miles round trip.
  14. it is a CCJ - claimant is talking about HCEO - debt is now £3 k - was originally £8K - civil case - I am a single parent ( full time student) wont accept £20 a month.
  15. hi I have read some threads but I saw something about new law came into effect 6th April - my car is on finance and I use it to drive to Universty ( 56 mile return trip daily) so its to my place of study. Is it true that my car cant be touched or clamped.
  16. I am a full time student at univ and drive 56 miles round trip per day to attend.My car is on HP - reading about the new law that came in April does that meant my car cant be touched and where do I find info and print out on this law.
  17. got no scanner will type what it says: date 25th june 2014 1. the defendant debt shall be paid by instalments of £20 per month first payment to be made 28th july 2. The defendant do notify the claimants solicitors by the end of each month for the next 3 months, of the position in relation to sale of caravan. 3.Leave is given to the claimant to restore this matter after 3 months 4.The defendant do pay the claimants costs assessed at £84 to be added to judgement debt.
  18. my 2nd hearing in June give me more time to sell caravan and borrow money from mum - the Judge put in the order - sell caravan and pay £20 a month however, claimant can restore matter back to court - which they have advised me on Monday when I paid £50 their intend to do that. I have increased the payment from £20 a month to £50 - don't know why I have to keep going back to court as other party just add on more costs so I am confused as I have done what was requested and actually paid quite a big chunk off.
  19. Right - got a CCJ against me for nearly £8,000 in Jan 2014 applied for Redetermination hearing to pay in instalments -single parent on benefits I had an asset of 1997 old touring caravan I offered to try and sell - went back to court twice March & June - and was told to sell caravan and pay £20 a month. I was informed as debt was over 5k I would have to pay 8% interest on it so - to reduce to under 5k I did the following £1,000 - paid in April 0 borrowed from Bf £2,000 - sold caravan £300 - sold table & chairs and some jewellery £110 - made in monthly payments the past 4 months. £2,000 - borrowed from my mother savings ( she a pensioner) Have to go back to court soon - debt is just under £3k now and claimant solicitors are not happy to accept £20 a month - and are talking about high force action, charging orders, I have made considerable effort to pay this and their is nothing further to be gained or sold - so how do I argue my case and get the Judge to agree a payment plan to avoid any further action. These solicitors also represented my ex husband during our divorce a few yrs ago and lost the case to me so are pretty ruthless. I am now currently a full time student at univ and will be for the next three years. Any advice I would be most grateful
  20. I had my meeting case closed - I offered bank statements, address of my baby dad, ( not interested) my Daughter had alleged I had £30k in savings LMAO - I got a divorce settlement 2012 - purchased a house, and spent the rest.
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