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  1. Hi Eric, Armadillo and homer67, Any chance of a response??? I received a letter from them last night demanding payment within 14 days or face court action to recover money plus cost. They say I had 21 days to appeal from when NTK was served but failed to do so in time. They are saying I could no longer appeal because my letter arrived late (which isn't the case because I have proof it was delivered and signed for within a week of receiving NTK). What they have done is ignore my appeal and waited for appeal period to lapse before writing back. Am thinking of ignoring them but not sure if it's a wise move. Or do I write to them insisting they received my appeal on time, and have legitimate cause for appeal? Would appreciate your help. Adojay
  2. For those who need to know. This was what I wrote to UKCPS. I wrote to them challenging the PCN as keeper of the car on the grounds that; 1. The sum is disproportionate and does not represent a genuine pre-estimate loss 2. Sum is extravagant, unconscionable and cannot be justified 3. No evidence that they have any interest in the land 4. Notice fails to comply with schedule 4 of POFA 2012. 5. Signs not clear and ambiguous I also wrote that there will be no admission of who the driver was and no assumptions can be drawn. I wrote they must either rely on the POFA 2012 or cancel the charge. I will only appeal further if they offered POPLA. Hope this helps
  3. Hi Guys, UKCPS have now responded to my letter stating unfortunately they are unable to consider my appeal. "Appeals must be received within stipulated time of issue. After receiving NTK the registered keeper may appeal if they have not already appealed as the driver". As my appeal was presented significantly late, the appeal procedure has now closed and the parking charge will stand. They wrote that the IAS provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme for disputes of this type . However, as I I have not complied with their internal appeals procedure they will not engage with the IAS. Please how do I proceed with this? Kind regards, Adojay
  4. Thanks Armadillo. I appreciate your effort. I have written to DVLA to find out if my details were even obtained legally. I will now be writing to UKCPS too with the information you have provided. Thanks so much. Adojay
  5. Thanks Eric. Is it on the basis that they are not members of BPA as you stated earlier? Their letter has IPC and BPA logos. Does that not mean they are members, and as such can access keeper's detail from DVLA? If I tell them their demand isn't compliant with PoFA, don't I need to point out why? Please pardon my ignorance. Adojay
  6. - I have also noticed that the NTK does not state the period of parking but only goes on to state the time the ticket was issued. The NTD states time first observed as 12.37. From paragraph 8.2© of the rule, I thought it should have been repeated in the NTK Eric, you mentioned earlier that UKCPS are not members of AOS and aren't members of BPA either. Do you still want me to first write to them and tell them that their letter is not compliant with the requirements of the PoFA and that my detail may have been fraudulently accessed by them, as they are not members of an AOS and BPA? And then write about Armadillo's points in my next correspondence with them? As many points that I can use to compose my response to their letter would be welcome and appreciated. Thanks to Eric, Homer and Armadillo
  7. Hi Armadillo, Having gone through the link above, I can confirm UKCPS have dodged a bullet there by complying with the requirements of schedule 4 POFA 2012. My dispute remains that the signage warning drivers of parking restriction is no where near the area of the land that I parked and got ticketed for. If it was, there is no way I would not have seen it, as it was mid-day at the time of the said contravention. Any clue on how to proceed would help. Kind regards, Adojay
  8. Guys, based on the additional information provided, what are the key points I need to respond to UKCPS? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Adojay
  9. My bad. You are right about the missing details. The missing bits are; NOTICE TO KEEPER Vehicle Reg number xxxx Location Radclyffe Park Manchester Manchester M5 3FE Time Issued 15/09/2015 12:42 Reason for issue: Without a valid permit or authority BALANCE DUE £100 Please note it is now too late to pay the reduced charge I just noticed if it helps that the location details are not exactly correct. Radclyffe Park is in Salford and not Manchester, and the full address and post code of where I parked (right in front of Travelodge) is 18 Markendale Place, Salford M5 3GW. I will wait for your input after receiving these additional information before making any response to them. Thanks for your effort.
  10. Hi All, As expected, I have now received letter from UKCPS re failure to pay the parking fine. Attached is a scanned copy of the letter. I am at a loss as to what to do now. Eric, Homer & others, could you assist with how to proceed? I haven't written to them yet. Like I said earlier, there were no signs within meters of where I parked. Although, I did go back to take a look again, and saw that there were notices around the site, but none anywhere near where I parked. Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards, Adojay
  11. Thanks Homer, I will sit tight and wait for the NTK, and will forward to the forum for your advise. I appreciate your input. Thanks
  12. I think I spoke too soon. After work today, I drove back to the shopping centre to see if there were any notices I failed to take notice of. I did indeed see notices as I drove in. However, there wasn't any signs or notices around where I parked. I don't know if that affects anything so far regarding how I approach the situation. Any advice is welcome.
  13. Thanks ericbrother. I will wait for them to write to me, and I will post. Just so you know, I walked round to see if any warning signs exist, but could not find any. Am now wondering why they could give someone a ticket without any warnings, or what the penalty would be for contravention. In the past, I accepted and paid up because the notices were there, and I took the risk but failed. This time there wasn't any at all, at least visible from where I was parked. Thanks eric
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