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  1. Presuming he is a real bailiff and didn't make a levy, what would be their next move. Do they call again or hand back to the court
  2. He said he was there for payment or seizure of goods I didn't think dca could do that
  3. What is a dca? Dvla don't want to know as its not in their hands anymore. They said which court it was but that's no help as the courts want reference numbers
  4. He phoned the fine office and they gave him the number he needed. The bailiff didn't get the chance to say where he was from, he said he was here for collection or seizure of goods he didn't get to finish the sentence, hubby already had him out the front door
  5. He phoned the court today, there's nothing on their system under our address and so they can't do anything as we don't have any details and the bailiff didn't leave anything
  6. It says on the log book if you don't get an acknowledgement letter within x amount of weeks, contact them because he didn't it means he's at fault
  7. No we haven't moved. I m sure we sent the log book off but can't find the acknowledgment
  8. He didn't have time to write down anything when he was in but he was writing something when he left
  9. How does he do that we don't have any information on what court etc. What other details would you like.
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