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  1. Anyone else have the Barclays default removed, but the Marlin one still there?
  2. Same situation as you guys, been getting phone calls from Marlin, and for some reason sent the letters to my old address even though Barclays have my new one?! A bit silly of Barclays to pass this on when the account is in dispute. Barclays obviously have no interest in resolving this in a sensible matter.
  3. I hope it does happen because I would certainly be using that route!
  4. I want compensation for Barclays harassment. I had a perfect credit history before they marked my file while I was (still am) disputing the account. I was even declined a credit card which I needed to put a deposit down on the flat I am now renting with my other half because of them.
  5. After hearing nothing from Barclays for ages I get 3 letters from them in the space of 2 weeks! Annual account statement and them telling me they are passing me details to a debt collector and marking my credit rating. It's laughable as they have already harassed me with debt collectors and have already marked my credit rating. They didn't even fill in their letter properly as they said your debt collector will be: And didnt put anything. I think another account in dispute letter to them and another complaint to FOS...
  6. Makes me laugh this does. Moorcroft have been harrassing me again lately, I told them to return the account to Barclys as I am disputing it. I received a letter the other day with them saying the dispute was found in favour of their client. They haven't resolved anything with me! Chancers...
  7. Fantastic news! Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end to this mess!
  8. Well, if they had actually asked students what we would like to have done when Advent went under instead of trying to pull a fast one, I doubt we would all be in this mess!
  9. I have noticed that the PPC have scratched my car, but their signs say they accept no responsibility for any damage. Would I be able to get them done for criminal damage? Thanks for the help
  10. Thanks, I took some pictures of the signs they had up, which I didn't see when I first parked the car. I was made aware of them by the clamper after the car had been clamped. I also notice on the receipt it says the reason I was clamped & towed was because I was not displaying a permit, however there a no permit holder only signs on the road, only the clamping company's generic, vague and frankly inadequate signs. There are no road markings (lines) on the road either which led me to beleive it was ok to park there. I am currently writing an appeal letter which will probably get me nowhere, but I will be copying it to the Landlord and the Local MP. I will also be seeking compensation from the company/landlord for the 2 scratches they left in my front passenger door. Thanks for the help Edit: for some reason whenever I post it loses all the formatting, It happened in my original post too. Thanks to the mod who formatted it for me.
  11. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me, my car was clamped & towed a couple of weeks ago from a private road by LPC Parking Solutions. I had parked there as I was visiting a resident who lived on the road. I didn't see any of the signs from walking from my car the the persons flat. There were no road markings so I thought it was ok to park there. There was one sign quite high up on a lamp post within 20m of my car and the next one was hidden behind a tree/bush on the side of the building (more than 20m away from the car). The sign closest to the car I did not see, as when I got out of the car I went straight to the boot of the car to get some stuff out. I was parked there for about 2 hours, when by chance I was on the balcony of the flat, I saw an ominous looking man hanging around my car. He saw me, my girlfriend and the resident on the balcony of the flat looking right at him then he walked away from the car and we noticed there was a bright yellow clamp on the other side of the car where it was very difficult to see it from the flat. We went down to challenge him and saw that he had slapped a PCN and a clamp on the drivers side of the car, again not visible from the flat. I asked him how much to remove the clamp and he said £450! What a joke. Literally 2 minutes after I got down to the car a tow truck arrived. I was not happy as I do not have this sort of money just lying around. Anyway whilst arguing with the man he then said that if we got there before the tow truck arrived it would have been £330 to remove the clamp! We had got there before the tow truck arrived but he didn't tell us it was £330 from the off. He said straight away it was £450 because he had called the tow truck. Well after that he told the tow truck to go as we weren't paying and didn't give us any form of paper work and left in his van. We then phoned up the company to see where they had taken the car and the people on the phone were very agressive and rude. They hung up on us several times, and even threatened to put the price to release the car up (after they said it would cost £550 to get it back) if we persisted in asking for the company's SIA number. In the end it cost £525 to get the car back from Edmonton. I would appreciate any help!
  12. I had Mercers harrassing me last year, so I sent them a letter telling them the account was in dispute and I wanted to see their deed of assignment. After that I heard nothing from either Barclays Partner Finance or Mercers for 3 months. In the last 3 weeks I have had about 7 calls, 7 voicemails and 3 letters from Moorcroft. Just yesterday I had a bright yellow envelope through the door and I knew what it was straight away. It was Moorcroft's Possible Litigation notice letter. I will be writing to them today thanking them for their harrassment and will be informing them I will be reporting them (and Barclays Partner Finance, again) to the FOS and Trading Standards.
  13. I would assume they are stepping up their level of scare tactics in desperation for money from students. I had letters from Mercers giving me 7 days to pay the entire loan. I ignored these and nothing happened. I also sent Mercers and Barclays Partner Finance (sent them so many letters) a Letter disputing the account. Mercers have only called me once since that letter, which I think was a mistake from them because they haven't called back since.
  14. I think Barclays constantly passing on peoples "debt" is a way of them raising funds, as they aren't getting anything from us.
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