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  1. I am new and am not sure I have posted this in correct place but here goes. My daughter has been going out with a man for the last 4 years. He has received a letter stating that he owes back money to the CSA and that they canforce him to sell his house. The house he owns is in joint ownership with his previous girlfriend and has no equity in it at all. They are in the process of signing it over to his ex girlfriend only. The problem is he is also on my daughters mortgage since last year. It is on a house that was my in my daughters name only and after being together for 3 years decided on a joint mortgage. Can the CSA or a company on their behalf force the sale of this house. She has a child from a previous relationship and a one year old with her partner and is pregnant again. She is really worried that they will take her house from her. Can anyone advise on this matter please.
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