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  1. Yes i did which he confirmed they have . I will have to pop to the bank then thanks
  2. Sorry meant FOS ! Auto update. I’ve read the Sar post can’t see thing about it going to lloyds bank to prove identity I have already sent themselves utility bill asked on phone if I could email Council Tax or passports copy told no have to take proof to bank to be signed in person. Then 30 days begin. Very annoying given I’ve waited over a month already.
  3. HI @dx100uk please could i ask ask your advice ? I sent Sar req to mbna re the above. MBNA have taken over a month to replyi need to send proof of address utility bill or passport to Lloyds branch to be verified. however I sent them a Utility bill with my request due to fact MBNA account was at my old address with parents. I have rang them to advise already sent Utility bill, they are saying I must go to branch with my ID so they can see me in person and only then will they start the 30 day request period. Os this correct ? It runs my time down if I need to Send to FCO. Thanks for yor help
  4. 07-11-2019, 17: have attached thanks. Ok so no point replying that I had long term health condition then ? And accept the Plevin instead ?
  5. Thankyou I was asking really if because I have Epilepsy this would have invalidated my point policy and therefore been a reason to argue the policy wasn’t suitable for me. i haven’t had a chance to advise them of this yet as they sent the refusal letter 2 days after the Questionaire came. Im not sure if when I applied via postal application in 1998 it would have asked about medical conditions. i am trying to upload the letter now but struggling
  6. Hi please may I ask for help from anybody else who has had experience with MBNA PPI. I took out PPI on a Credit card in 1998, card running until 2015. i applied for PPI refund just before the deadline. It has been delayed many times, a few days ago I received letter with the a questionnaire to fill out. I haven’t had chance to finish this yet to return but today have received a refusal. Based on it was a Postal application which you purchased PPi on same day. We did not provide any advice or recommendations when you purchased the policy The conditions stated you had to be 18-65 and a UK resident in permanent employment. I have checked our records and am satisfied but you were. at the time you purchased it was 68p per £1.00 of the statement cost. If you made a successful claim the policy could cover at least 3% of the balance in a statement period. This could have been paid for up to 12 months per unemployment claim . in the event of a claim it would have been paid until you returned to work. i believe you would have received benefit from the PPi policy in the event of sickness, unemployment or hospitalisation and im not persuaded at the time that you had sufficient meanS to cover long periods of payments if needed. in Addition Any other sick pay or benefits wouldn’t have prevented you from making a claim under the policy There were no other terms, limitations or exclusions which were likely to have prevented you from making a claim under the policy you could cancel at any time. ............... heres the situation they have awarded Plevin however I suffer from epilepsy and am unsure if this would have invalidated the cover ? Also would a postal application have asked me for any medical conditions back in 1998 I just can’t remember ? Thankyou for any help or advice ad
  7. Thankyou I’m not sure why it says that. Unsure if that means they can try to come up with the terms from that time and add them in to enforcement it. Thankyou all for all your help and assistance it is very much appreciated
  8. Thankyou they’ve sent me a letter saying currently it’s “ Redeemably unenforceable” but that they will start collection activity again in next 30 days.
  9. Yes there’s is no term number 9 that it references to or any other 17 etc it mentions earlier. can they find these terms from other agreements from around the same time and use them as my terms and condition to enforce this ? As Lloyd’s have advised them they only have this page.
  10. THey have sent me a 1 page agreement with my signature ( as per pic in earlier post) it’s only one page states it’s only some of the terms and they don’t follow on so eg it’s term 1 then term 7 then speaks of see term x - which isn’t on there . tgankyou for your help
  11. Hi thankyou for previous help. I have received a Repsonse from PRA the Credit Agreement they have sent is one page only and this page says “ here are some terms and conditions” these aren’t in order also. i sent a SAR to LLOyds who show in their log a couple of weeks ago that “ PRA have enquired “‘are these all the terms and conditions you have ?” To which Lloyd’s have replied yes. So my question is if LLOyds don’t have the original full terms and conditions can PRA reconstitute these with some from around the same time and put this together to take it forward ? Thankyou for your help x
  12. ok Thankyou apologies for the questions I suffer from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy I find it hard sometimes to follow/understand the threads. thanks again
  13. thanks so much for your help and advice it is much appreciated. 1) so I respond to the PAP but using the form on the thread above Not the one they have sent me ? Is that correct ? 2) I tick the box that says I dispute the debt ? Based on the grounds I do not currently have all the paperwork ? 3) so I ask for all the paperwork listed or just the Credit agreement ? 4) I return the above just to PRA ? - as there is no solicitor mentioned. Do I do another CCA request or just say I don’t have all the documents requested from the original ? Thanks so so much sorry ! I dispute this debt because..recommended reason as advised from your thread and add the debt purchaser has yet to provide any or all of the required documentation. box I tick I have requested by way of a cca request the signed agreement from the debt purchaser [attached to this reply form+Fee] I also require you to supply the following.. a copy of the Default Notice A copy of the Notice of Assignment A complete set of statements detailing exactly how the debt has accrued detailing: I. All Transactions. II. any additional charges, be them by the original creditor or you xxxx the debt purchaser or any predecessor DCA. III. details of all contractual interest added by whom and on what date. IV. List of ALL Payments made toward the Agreement no need to do the financial statement etc anything else or send anything else bar the above do NOT give them your phone nor email PRINT your name never sign the form staple the £1CCA PO to the CCA request and send it to the debt purchaser return the completed PAP form below to the solicitors that sent it to you attain free proof of posting for BOTH at any PO counter 1st class mail will do. recorded is a waste of money
  14. Yes and a covering letter saying they were still awaiting further documents in order to complete my request. We currently deem this debt as unenforceable . If we obtain information in the further we will of course provide this to you immediately . That was 15/01/19 , so either they have sent something else in between then and April and I haven’t received it or they are taking action based on that document ?
  15. And sorry CCA request was 01 May 2017 thia document came in Jan 2019 thankyou again x
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