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  1. i had my 1st call other day when in zante airport told them didnt want to talk right now as i was out the country and it is costing me. they said wont take a min mr Morris. well it wasnt there bill so hung up on the doppy moo
  2. its on the facebook page but it has been removed from the net i have search all over the place and carnt find it but the facebook has a copy of it in the photo section
  3. when we win you got to send them a letter starting "do you no who i am" that would crack me up big time or even "as you know Barclays are a massive company and have had their lawyers and they need sacking cuz there crap"
  4. love it that is pricless, lets all throw our weight around and see were that gets us bunch of beeps "as you know Barclays are a massive company and have had their lawyers" its just like saying do you no who i am
  5. they are all scams and i really hope no1 else signs up with them and any other of these [causing problems] companys, Has any 1 contacted the new govermant see if they give a toss about us or are they like the last lot
  6. hi guys looking into the 640-802 vs 640-801 which apparently computeach are providing but went onto cisco web site the 801 was retierd in 2007 so how can they provide the 801 640-801 CCNA - IT Certification and Career Paths - Cisco Systems
  7. hi is the CCNA that computeach is offering the same as what Advent offerd i thought i saw a table on here with the like 4 likes of the ccna parts but carnt find it any help
  8. i feel we do really need to get 1 of advents salesmen on our side with 1 of them backing use bpf would crummble
  9. any news guys i got me letter fom fos saying they reciverd my stuff, what did every1 send to them
  10. last time i got put to a indian call center i was told i was very rude so i just said your boaring me now get your manager so much fun those places
  11. the robbing bankers after looking into barclays and typing barclays ****, scams, crap and other things the amount of bad storys there are is bad
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