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  1. i have exactly the same situation, i had one charge that occured as i went over my limit, and for the four subsequent months i stayed within my limits but application of the charges caused further charges, and to make matters worse i do not receive notification of what and when will be taken as they keep sending correspondence to my old adress of 2 years ago, even though they have my new on and even though i have complained and pointed this out... they have taken around £500 from me in that time
  2. i have recently recived exactly the same communication from them relating to a statute barred account. I have been pondering on whether to ignore it or send teh statute barred letter...
  3. as the intercoms etc have to be cosntantly attended, it would be a reasonable adjustment to allow you to perform this function and for the other staff to cover the remainder of the duties, as per the previous arangement/adjustment. It would appear this adjustment is still possible , and it would therefor seem difficult for your employer to defend not doing so.
  4. as cardiffboy said, if they forced you to take the holiday it would be a diifferent story, but by offering you the choice i think they are covered and i dont think you will have much come back in that respect unfortunately. the previous sick pay entitlement which was removed was not contractual from what you have said, and would be considered discretionary, so no potential for breach of contract. Might be worth a call to ACAS to get their veiw
  5. Hi Surfer, it is generally advisable for employers to agree a timetable of repayments and not deduct more than a reaonable portion from an employees pay packet.
  6. HI PMSC69 employers dont necessarily have to provide sick pay above the minimum level of SSP, i.e contractual or company sick pay, although they still have a legal obligation to pay a certain level of sick pay to employees who are off due to ill health or injury under the social security and benefits act 1992 and the statutory sick pay regulations...in other words SSP. SSP is payable for up to 28 weeks, i think the current rate is £79.15 per week. there are certain qualifying requirements such as you must be an employee, you must be ill and unable to work for 4 days or more... in respec
  7. Hi Allwood, its is still unclear what the exact nature of your partners condition is as you have not specifically stated this , therefor that is making it more difficult for us to advise you on whether it is covered by DDA. You mentioned that it is likely to get worse which suggests a progressive condition. such progressive conditions may be automatically covered i.e MS, others may be covered the point where the progression of the condition falls under the long term adverse effect although assessment of this may still be required.... in respect to what happens if you bring a claim, if
  8. Hi Allwood, from your last post its sounds as though they agree yoru partner has an underlying health issue, although that does not necessarily mean it would be covered by the Disability Discrimination Act It would be good for us to establish if the health issue is likely to come under DDA as this would put your in a much stronger position re the reasonable adjustments, we would need an idea of what your partners condition is to determine that..Some things are automatically covered, for instance MS, cancer, HIV, whereas some conditions need to be assessed to determine if there is a subs
  9. ref the deifinition of disability, under the Disability Discrimination Act, a disability is defined as " a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long term effect on a persons ability to carry out normal day to day activities" normal day to day activites inlcude mobility manual dexterity physical co-ordination continence ability to lift, carry or otherwise move everyday objects speech , hearing or eyesight memory or ability to concentrate, learn or understand perception of risk of physical danger It if often possible for employers to establish
  10. received a phone call today from a market research company representing natwest, they are looking to carry out research on behalf of natwest into communication relating to bank charges etc, and have approached me as i have an ongoing complaint...ineresting.....
  11. come up and see me, make me smile - steve harley & cockney rebel
  12. as other have pointed out, the workplace (health safety & welfare ) regulations 1992 ammended 2002, require an employer to maintain a reasonable temperature during working hours, and provide sufficient thermometers to enable employees to establish what the temperature is. The temperature must be comfortable without the need for special clothing. This should be minimum 16 degrees for non strenuous activity and 13 degrees minimum for strenuous activity. he is failing to comply with his legal obligations and would have no grounds for disciplinary action
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