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  1. The Ideal classic is one of the best boiler they have ever made. But the response that replaced it was bad with heat exchangers breaking and having no spare parts for it either.
  2. Good point but the US have completely diffrent regulation to the UK and most Ideal boilers aren't even band A. The europian boilers have much higher standards and are what ideal base their designs on.
  3. Don't get me wrong Ideal still make good boilers but compared to Vaillant and Worchester, Ideal Struggle to get in the top 20. this is information received by the consumer watchdog 'WHICH'. Ideal is owned by Eaga who run the WarmFront Scheme which explains why they have a monopoly through the council projects. The Ideal Boiler will do but it's not the best and could explain the high amount of complaints, recalls, and call outs, Shouldn't the council and goverment run scheme use the best products?
  4. I have had soooo manny people email me with Eaga/Warmfront complaints and wanting to know what to do i have been sending out these details:~ If your Boiler is being replaced upon the ‘Warm Front ‘scheme I don’t think you get a choice in what is installed and it's an Ideal! This explains the high rate of breakdowns from Eaga customers. If the boiler replacement is just through Eaga’s heating engineers you should be able to choose what you like. The problem with Ideal boilers isn’t that they won’t work initially but they have a high percentage of faults after the first year. The
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